Anger Is A Gift

Have you ever wondered why you get angry at times? When something happens and it sets you off, have you ever tried to process it through your mind as to why you’re angry at that exact moment? We all have things we get angry about, but what we don’t stop to realize that our anger could mean something. Getting angry could sometimes result to something positive. Our anger is something to take notice. Your anger is a gift.

Normally when a person is upset, they go off. They scream, banter, yell, etc. Sometimes destroy an object nearby. Whenever you come down from your rampage, take a minute to look back on it. If you think about it, your anger could mean something. You can use your anger to create something that can result to a positive outcome. Really think about this. Use your anger for good instead of evil.

There’s tons of people out here use use their anger for good. Mainly musicians and artists and etc. Musicians use their inner anger to create a smash hit song that could last for a lifetime. Even come up with some amazing ideas along the way such as interesting lyrics and instrumentals. For any artists, they use their anger for new artistic ideas. Create something that they can look at as a sign of relief. They use their anger for special things. You can do the same. Just find something that can make you express your anger in a way that could be understood without rubbing someone the wrong way.

Even screaming. A while ago, I wrote a blog post about screaming and how it could help with your emotions. The same can be said here as well. If you’re angry, just go out and scream! You will feel better, but also you’ll realize your mind is cleared and you can use your anger for good. It’s possible and I know it sounds a little weird but it’s worth it in the end.

Your anger can be very rare to come across as it does take a lot to get angry at something. Not upset, not mad, I’m talking about straight up anger. That’s why it could be a gift as well. Gifts are sometimes rare to come by as you recieve them at random times. Whenever you get angry, you ever think about the last time you felt that way? I know I would have, and then realize that this doesn’t happen very often. Take that anger as your own gift. Use it for better, not for worse. Just make sure you treat yourself as well. You’ll feel 10x better.



One of the most populated countries in the world, India! This South Asian country is the seventh largest country by area and the second most populous country with more than 1.3 billion. Talk about in depth! People aside, this country looks great with their cultural aspects and the overall atmosphere of it. Seems like each city has its own unique heritage to it and I would love to explore it all.

I would like to go to the city of Nagpur just to see the lake views alone. Seems like the main attractions there are the lakes and there’s nothing wrong with that. Their lakes are the Futala, the Shukrawari, Khindsi, Ambazari, etc. Lake views are just so astonishing to look at. I could look at them and see heaven. These particular lakes are wide especially the Ambazari as it’s the largest lake in the city. There’s other cool activities I would like to do in Nagpur, but the lakes would be my go to places.

Chennai is the capital city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Some of the buildings in this city looks amazing such as the Kapaleeshwarar Temple. This template is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism. So many shrines are featured in this temple and I would love to see them as I find shrines really fascinating. I see shrines as a symbol of honor. Honoring those who have made a huge impact on life and for their own country. Another fascinating building to see is the Santhome Cathedral. This building looks like a kingdom! It’s a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Chennai and even though I’m not a religious man, I can see why it’s an important part of this city. Many people visit this building for both its history and their religion. I of course wanna check out the history of this place and what it stands for in the city of Chennai.

Lastly, the city of Agra! This city is the home of the famous mausoleum, Taj Mahal. This mausoleum alone is the main attraction for many tourists. I can’t help but look in awe at this city as it just has the royalty feel to it. Besides the Taj Mahal, another famous place to check out is the Agra Fort. This fort was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty. This place sure does have Dynasty written all over it! The architecture of this place is Islamic and it’s very well put together. Agra is very beautiful to look at and being able to spend some time there would open my eyes to a lot of important history there!

India is gorgeous to look at and I can’t wait to visit the country. Everything from the people to the buildings makes it a must see attraction for any tourist out there. Count me in! So much to see in person that you can’t pass that opportunity up.

Easter 2019

Happy Easter everyone!

This is the time of year to go to spend quality time with your family. Go to church with them and celebrate your love of God. Have some quality dinner with them and talk about what it’s like to enjoy life together. Not to mention, seeing the little bunnies run around the outdoors. Give your children a big Easter basket filled with delicious sweets as a sign of love for your little ones. Color some Easter eggs! Have fun with family and friends! Enjoy it today guys!

Have a great Easter today!

The Cinematic Orchestra: To Believe

This is an album that makes you appreciate music as a whole! No matter the genre, music can bring such joy to anyone’s life and have their emotions rejoiced. This album featured some of the most beautiful, peaceful sounds you’ll ever hear in your life. Today’s album review will be on The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Believe”.

For those who have never heard of this band, The Cinematic Orchestra is a jazz and electronic music group. Combining jazz and electronic music together sounds very interesting and this band did it perfectly. They’ve been around for over 20 years and to this day they can still deliver great music. I first heard one of their songs on the video game Sleeping Dogs and once I searched their music more, I was instantly hooked. They have such a very unique sound. A sound that can capture a person’s heart. A sound that can relax a person’s mind and body. This band is very talented and this album continues to prove that they haven’t lost a beat.

The band started production on this album a couple years ago actually and was finally finished and released on March 15th. It features 7 tracks and each of them are masterpieces. I might be making this album sound like it’s the greatest ever made, but I can’t help it since it’s a great album.

Before listening to The Cinematic Orchestra, I didn’t listen to jazz music that much even though I do enjoy it. The fact they mixed jazz and electronic music together and made it sound so different is astonishing. This album in my opinion didn’t have much of that jazz sound, but it’s still great. Each track has different kinds of emotions. Some have peaceful vibes, some have grieving vibes, and lastly happy vibes.

I love every single track but the two that stands out to me the most are The Workers of Art and A Promise. These two songs in particular really speaks to me. They both have powerful messages. Even by the titles themselves can tell you what you’re about to be in store for. These guys know how to incorporate messages into their music by their sounds.

I’m gonna rate this album 10/10 as it truly defines what true music sounds like. Music that speaks to you while you sit back and relax to it. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this band, please go check them out and you’ll definitely won’t be disappointed. Also check out this album too as it’s so far one of the best albums of the year.

Go Get It

Everyone has a goal in life they want to achieve. A goal they want to accomplish. But many of them don’t exactly know how to reach that goal. I’m not gonna say it’s that simple, but any goal you have in life that you want to go after, go get it.

Drop the dead weight that’s holding you down. Drop the negativity that’s stopping you from changing your life for the better. Nothing’s ever guaranteed. You can’t sit around and wait for good things to come to you. You gotta go for them yourself. Gotta do it with determination and drive. You want a better life? Go get it.

What’s your dream in life? Do you dream big? Where is your dream located? It’s located anywhere. You just gotta find your route there. Anything’s possible. Please remember that. Your dream is indeed out there. Get up and go get it.

This was just a short life message for you guys. You got power in your life. You got control. Know how to use it and you’ll have the time of your life. You can definitely do it and you mainly just have to remember three specific words that can be a life changer for you: Go Get It!




Movie Review: Us

I went to see this movie expecting some top notch scary moments, and boy this movie did not disappoint! Today’s movie review will be on Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, Us!

This was Jordan Peele’s second horror film that he’s directed and this man is already doing big business with his films. I remember watching Get Out and was amazed with the story and horror of the film. Once I heard about this movie and the fact that Jordan Peele directed it, I knew I was in for a treat. He’s got a big career ahead of him if he continues to provide films like this one.

Us is a very unique horror film I must say. Now earlier I said that this movie featured top notch scary moments and I wasn’t kidding. There were moments where I legit opened my eyes wide whenever a major twist happened. Whenever someone scary happened, I jumped. I’ll admit it, I jumped. Especially with the buildup to any of these moments I would sit straight up, knowing for a fact that something was about to pop off.

This movie was starred by Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Anna Diop, and Evan Alex as a loving family who goes on a vacation to a beach house in Santa Cruz. Now earlier in the film, we see a young Adeladie Thomas (Lupita’s character) on vacation with her parents in Santa Cruz. As her parents are occupied, she wanders off onto the beach where she finds a funhouse. She wanders around the funhouse more and when she looks into a mirror, she notices a clone of herself. This clone is known as a doppelganger, and it scares the living crap out of her. Fast forward years later and we’re on the current day of Adelaide’s life as she’s on vacation with her family.

Throughout the movie, Adelaide is having constant flashbacks to her first vacation in Santa Cruz. She can’t get that image out of her mind, encountering the doppelganger. Her husband Gabe (Winston’s character) and her children all want to go to the beach, but she’s apprehensive about it because of her memories on that beach. They go to hang out with the Tyler Family: played by Tim Heidecker, Elisabeth Moss, and Cali and Nolle Sheldon. The whole time Adelaide is just uncomfortable being there so she wasn’t having a good time. Her son Jason (Evan’s character) wanders off, reminiscences his mother doing the same thing when she was his age. He then notices a man in a red jumpsuit standing on the beach with his arms extended out and blood on his hands. He never told his family about it, but later on Adelaide notices a picture that Jason drew of the man in the red jumpsuit.

Fast forward to that night, weird things started happening outside of the beach house. Jason notices a family of four outside in their driveway and everyone’s freaking out. Gabe goes out to investigate and as he threatens the family with a baseball bat, the family begins to attack. They break into the house and begins to terrorize the Wilsons. The family holds the Wilsons hostage in their living room and they reveal themselves. They’re the doppelgangers of the Wilsons! Adelaide’s doppelganger is named Red and she’s the only one who can speak. Gabe’s doppelganger is named Abraham. Zora’s doppelganger is named Umbrae. Jason’s doppelganger is named Pluto, who wears a mask. Red forces Adelaide to handcuff herself to the coffee table while Umbrae forces Zora to run out of the house. Pluto and Jason goes to a closet to play. Abraham forces Gabe to go to their boat outside. Each doppelganger share a signature weapon and it’s a pair of golden scissors. The golden scissors would be the signature weapon for the doppelgangers.

Fast forward a bit here, the Wilsons break free and they escape their beach house on Gabe’s boat and they travel to the Tyler Family’s house. There we see the Tyler family murdered by their own doppelgangers. The Wilsons arrive to see their friends dead and then they encountered the Tyler doppelgangers. The Wilsons kill them then they find out through the news that there are millions of doppelgangers out in the world called The Tethered. The Wilsons try to escape in the Tylers’ car til then are interrupted by Umbrae. Umbrae is killed when Adelaide slams on the brakes of the car and Umbrae flies into the nearby woods, colliding with a tree. The next day, The Wilsons arrive at the Santa Cruz boardwalk where they encounter Pluto. Pluto sets their getaway car on fire and they family begins to panic. Jason notices something here, and it’s that Pluto follows Jason’s every movement. Jason then sets up a creative way to kill Pluto. Jason extends his arms and begins to slowly back up. Pluto does the same but he’s backing up into the fiery car. Pluto is then burned to death, while Red appears and kidnaps Jason.

Adelaide runs to the infamous funhouse and tells Gabe and Zora to stay back. She was to rescue Jason alone. She finds an underground tunnel and there she sees a ton of white rabbits, then finally encounters Red. They begin to fight and Adelaide kills Red. She then rescues Jason and they return to their family safely.

A major twist happens next. During the drive home, Adelaide continues to think about her first vacation. We come to find out that when she first encountered Red in that funhouse, Red holds her hostage inside the tunnel and takes her place in the real world! Red became Adelaide! Movie officially ends when we see a overview of the Tethered across the world, holding hands together in a cult like vigil.

I’m gonna give this movie an 8/10 as the scary moments in this film was great, but the story of the Tethered I wasn’t that interested in. I also wish we got more scenes of the Tethered being killed but by the way this movie ended, we could possibly see a part two? Only time will tell.

Point of View

What’s your point of view on life? What do you see every time you step out into the open world? Do you see peace? Do you see controversy? These are type of sights most people view in their own eyes as they walk through society everyday. Most people wonder, “Is this what life is suppose to be? Life is suppose to be this bad? This dangerous? Where’s the love? Where’s peace and happiness?” I would love to know myself.

Everyone’s got their own point of views on life. There are definitely people out here who sees happiness. They can go almost anywhere and just be happy, mainly because they can view anything in a positive matter. That’s how a person should live their lives and that’s through positivity. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always view it with positivity. Never view things in a negative way or else you’ll become part of the cons of life. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Anything you view in life, always view it with happiness.

I view life as an ocean. Sometimes, things go smoothly without anything hazards. Sometimes, disasters would occur and a big wave hits. That can be a wave of negativity. Everyone knows the saying of life is like a roller coaster right? Everything goes up then goes down. Same can be said for an ocean as well. When things are swell, the water stays low. When a weather hazard occurs, waves will form. That’s how I view life and will continue to view it that way forever. No one wants to deal with waves all the time, but they do happen for a reason just like how we all deal with bad days at times.

Life can definitely be viewed in many kind of ways. You just have to make sure that everything you view is for the better. Nothing that should keep you down. We all have our point of views on life and it’s okay to have different views on everything. We should all agree on one thing though; everything we view should be for the better. I hope you guys would agree with me on that. Better views equals a better life.