Make People Regret

People are not gonna notice you, but they should. People are gonna pass you up, but they shouldn’t. People just won’t give you any recognition. If you’re not a name, they won’t pay attention to you. Sucks doesn’t it? There’s people out there that knows you, but won’t pay you any attention anyway. It’s the fact that you don’t have any name value to yourself. People will only pay attention to you if you have some sort of value. It’s really dumb. If that bothers you, you gotta do one thing: make them regret.

Make people regret not knowing your name. Make people feel like crap for not giving you any recognition at all. Make them regret passing you up. It’ll be the best feeling in the world! Their reactions to seeing you on top will be priceless.

For instance, you’re someone who’s trying to start a business. You’re just starting up your career and you’re asking people to help you out or check out your business as a way to get it going. They deny you, simply because it’s not a valuable business, even though you just started it. They will only check out your business if it’s one of the best or some sort. Basically you’ll get no help, but that’s okay. The more you stick to your guns and continue your path to making your business better, the more people will start to come on board. Then the best part is reaching to the top of the game, that’s when people will start to realize that they made a mistake in passing you by. That’s when they start to feel regret.

If you’re trying to build yourself in any way, shape, or form people will not even take a second to look at you. I don’t understand why people don’t want to watch you rise. They would much rather see you fail. They would rather see you struggle to get to where you want to be. It’s quite disappointing. But don’t take it to heart. Just use that as motivation. Push yourself to the top. Push yourself to greatness! Prove those doubters wrong and trust me that’s when they’ll feel sorry for themselves for not supporting you on the way to the top.

Anything you guys put your mind to, go for it! To the people who don’t believe in you or refuse to support you, make them regret that decision for the rest of their lives. Make them regret not knowing your name. Better yet, make them REMEMBER your name for eternity!


Sunshine = Good Day

When you wake up, sometimes you’ll see clouds, rain, snow, etc. Normally I would think of it being a downer because that’s not what I to see. This morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was sunshine. That instantly put a smile on my face 😊. Yesterday I talked about how smiling can be difficult, but seeing the sun makes me smile almost instantly. To me, a sunshine is a sign of a good day.

The sun can bring joy out of everyone as people would step outside almost immediately. People love to see the sun! I love to see people out here enjoying the weather! Usually the weather can predict a certain type of day a person can have, so when you see the sun shining from the sky, you’ll know for sure that you’ll have a good day!

Do yourself a favor everyone: once you wake up and you see the sun, get out of bed and enjoy it! Enjoy your morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and even the night! The sun’s out for a reason, so be part of nature!


Smiling Can Be Difficult

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog titled Fake Smile. This one is somewhat of a sequel to that specific blog. I talked about how fake smiles are displayed to cover up someone’s true emotions, but now I’m starting to believe that smiling itself can be difficult at times. Sometimes, it’s hard to smile. It’s hard to smile because of so much things going on in life all at once. It’s hard to smile sometimes because of insecurity. Sometimes it’s just hard to smile, period. Why is that? How is that even possible? Cracking a smile is starting to become difficult to do. I can’t believe that’s even possible.

I LOVE to smile! I love to show people my smile! There’s just one problem though, I could barely smile sometimes. I would have to force myself to smile. Absolutely NOBODY should force a smile on themselves. If you’re happy, show it. Sounds so simple, yet it’s not so simple. Life can be funny guys. It can even cause you not to crack a smile at times. That’s true pain right there. Most people feel nothing but pain each day and they can’t smile at all. That’s really sad because every deserves to be happy. For smiling to be difficult is just a terrible thing to go through because it’s usually easy to crack a smile. When life doesn’t go your way at all, smiling can be impossible, and I understand that completely.

I hate to sound depressed, trust me I’m not at all, but it really is hard to smile whenever you truly want to. Whenever I do smile, I sometimes ask myself why? Like why am I smiling? What’s so funny? What’s there to be happy about? Believe me there are things to be happy about but smiling at a random time is just weird a little bit. Smiling when you truly WANT to is the difficult part because you absolutely have no reason to smile. No reason at all, but you put one on your face anyway. It sucks but it could be fixable.

Find something to overcome your negativity emotions. Find something that’ll make you happy. Find something or even someone who will always make you happy. Stuff like that can always turn your life around. In the blink of an eye, you’ll crack a smile on your face and it’ll definitely be a genuine smile! 😊



Everywhere you go, you must takeover. Every room you step into, you must takeover the room. Every building you enter, you must takeover the atmosphere. Any sport you compete in, you must takeover the sport. Show your dominance.

Why must you takeover things? It’s to leave a mark. Leave a mark everywhere you go. Let people know that you’re here. You’re here to stay. Show people you’re not one to be forgotten about. Takeover.

Takeover the atmosphere. Takeover the spot. Takeover the world. Leave your mark! Let your presence be known. Most of all, leave your legacy for everyone to remember you by.

Takeover now. Takeover forever.

Know Your Worth

Everyone has worth. You have worth. I have worth. We all have worth! The problem is, we barley know what it is. That’s okay though. It may take some time, but you will know your worth.

There are moments where I feel unhappy. I would start to think, “Man…..I feel like I’m here for a reason. I just don’t know what.” I think about that time and time again. Recently, I start to realize that I have a worth. I know my worth now. I know why I’m here. Instead of talking about it, I must show it. That’ll happen in due time. You can do the same. You must know your worth first. Once you do that, it’s go time.

Your worth is valuable. Your worth is timeless. Know it. Learn it. Love it. I hope you know your worth, so you can start being happy with yourself. You totally deserve to be happy.

Create What You Believe

You always believe in your future, it’s time to create it. Don’t wait around anymore. It’s time to create what you’ve been dreaming for!

The more you wait, you’re wasting your own valuable time. The more you wait, the less you’ll have time to create. Time to start! No matter how impossible it could be, you can create it. You can build it. You can get it done.

One thing you should definitely remember; do it for yourself. Don’t wait for anyone. Don’t wait for a person who wants to ride your coattails. You believe in something? Create it. For you!

That’s all I really had to say for today. I’m doing my best to motivate you guys as much as I can. Start your creation NOW!

The Road of Life

Take a good look at the featured image for this blog post. You guys see this specific road? See all the twists and turns? That is what I would label as the Road of Life.

We all know that life has its ups and downs, but it also features twists and turns. One thing will always lead to another. That’s how difficult life can be at times. You turn one corner and things will be fine then suddenly you turn another corner and things start to get funny. It can be very frustrating. It happens over and over again. Time and time again. But that’s how life is.

Now take a look at the bottom of the road. It’s perfectly straight, kind of like a finish line. That’s what I like to call it, the Finish Line. After all the twists and turns you go through, you finally reach the finish line and you’ll turn out to be a better person. Life gives you challenges. You must accept those challenges and complete them. Everything will turn out for the better!

Once you reach that finish line, you’ll feel like a new person. You’ll feel accomplished. You’ll feel like a superhero. You’ll feel great! Twists, turns, back and forth, you’ll go through it all. All that matters is that finish line you cross. Reach it, then throw your fist in the air for celebration! ✊