Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication

Two days ago on June 8th, this album reached its 20th anniversary! 20 years ago, one of the most underrated albums ever was released by one the best bands ever. Today’s album review will be on Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication!

Released on June 8th, 1999, this was the band’s 7th studio album. It features 15 tracks including the self titled single Californication, Otherside, Around the World, Scar Tissue, Get on Top, Easily, etc. Each track is unique in their own way and that to me makes it a good album. Most songs are pretty chill while others are upbeat. I actually listened to this album once again on the anniversary day so that’s when I realized how most songs have their own unique sounds.

Two favorite tracks that I love in general on this album are Californication and Otherside. Both of these songs are so peaceful and have some meanings to them. Californication mainly talks about the dark side of Hollywood, while also featuring hidden messages like pornography and plastic surgery. Otherside was dedicated to founding band member Hillel Slovak who passed away in 1988. After finding that out, now I understood why that song was so peaceful. What a great, memorable song.

Overall, I’d give this album a 9/10. Very unique tracks and even an unique album cover! Red Hot Chili Peppers always bring things to the table when it comes to their music, this album was no different. 20 years of Californication was celebrated a couple days ago and will continued to be celebrated forever. If you haven’t heard this album before, give it a listen. You’ll be amazed at how good this sounds!


What’s Missing in Modern Era of Music

There’s something about the music industry that’s been on my mind for a long time. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was though. It didn’t have anything to do with the music itself as that’s the enjoyable part of the industry. We can all listen to music and feel great about it on the inside. All together though, there’s something about the industry that’s lacking one thing. One thing in particular. That one thing missing in the modern era of music is passion. Simply passion.

It’s not hard to see how. If you really can’t tell, you can just do a simple test to understand what I’m talking about. Here’s what you can do: pick two songs to listen to. One that’s recent and a classic song. Take a good listen to both songs and you can tell that any of those classic songs you listen to has some much passion behind it, while any song today is catchy, but lacks passion. Now I’m not saying every musician today lacks passion in their music, but it’s hard to come across those type of musicians in the modern world.

Without passion in their work, many musicians wouldn’t be taken seriously. You listen to a song on Spotify or Pandora or the radio and you just think, “They can’t be serious with this?” Even on YouTube, you see so many people make songs that might sound catchy, but they’re just that, catchy. No passion behind their songs. No seriousness whatsoever. I’m just listening to them and thinking what was the point of this? What sucks about this problem though is that their are indeed up and coming musicians out their who do wanna make a change to the music industry by showing their own passion for music to the world and yet they don’t get a chance for some reason. What is the reason? Is it because they don’t have the look? They don’t have the right sound? What?

Mainstream music lacks passion to me and I don’t want to sound like a hater. I’m not hating on them at all, I’m just saying I don’t see the passion behind their work. I’m not even saying this for everyone in the industry. I’m mostly saying this to the ones who don’t make good music. Those who make songs with catchy beats and that’s about it. Those who have lyrics that don’t make sense at all. Where’s the passion in their music? Do they take themselves seriously? If that’s the case, oh boy. The musicians who puts all of their passion into their music are the ones who should be in the limelight right now. They should be on the billboards. They should be the main ones winning Grammy awards. Music today should not be a big popularity contest. It should be a showcase for everyone who has a voice and wants to use it for good.

The modern era of the music industry needs more passionate artists. More artists who want to take things to the next level and create a brighter future for the next generation of musicians. More passion will equal better success. I wish for everyone to remember that forever.


Time for an interesting album review! Billie Eilish is one of the most unique musicians I’ve seen in the modern era of music. Something about this young woman makes me wonder what goes through her mind as she comes up with her lyrics and her sound. This album got me thinking like, “How does she come up with this sound?” I mean that in a good way. Today’s album review will be on Billie Eilish’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Released on March 29th last month, this album features 14 tracks. On the Japanese edition, the album features two bonus tracks. Each song speaks in literature to me. Billie has some interesting lyrics in her songs and that’s pretty cool. Not to mention, her voice. Her voice is so soft and somewhat low, but that makes her standout. In a way she reminds me of Lorde. I said the same thing about Lorde when I first heard her music years ago and Billie Eilish is in the same category as Lorde. They both have soft, unique voices. The tracks here almost have the same tone to them but they do have different sounds.

There’s some big hits on this album such as You Should See Me in a Crown, Bad Guy, Wish You Were Gay, My Strange Addiction, Bury a Friend, etc. Most of these songs have messages and that to me makes a good song. A song with a message behind it can almost be an instant hit. You Should See Me in a Crown is possibly the biggest song on this album as it’s her biggest hit. That song in particular got me interested in listening to this whole album and I’m glad I did. I’m not particularly a huge fan of Billie but this album got me hooked to see what she will do next in the music industry.

My favorite tracks on this album are Bad Guy and Bury a Friend. Bad Guy is just a catchy song to me, making me wanna do a two step dance. Bury a Friend just has as special tone to it as Billie herself said that this song inspired this whole album. She claims she knew what the album was gonna be once she created this song. Now that really is inspiration.

I’m gonna rate this album 8/10. Again I really enjoyed the sound and lyrics as they stand out and makes her an unique artist. Even the album cover is cool yet a little creepy. Billie Eilish is onto something here, and this album got her on the right track. I’m interested in hearing more from her and maybe her next album could top this one. Give the album a good listen if you haven’t already!

The Cinematic Orchestra: To Believe

This is an album that makes you appreciate music as a whole! No matter the genre, music can bring such joy to anyone’s life and have their emotions rejoiced. This album featured some of the most beautiful, peaceful sounds you’ll ever hear in your life. Today’s album review will be on The Cinematic Orchestra’s “To Believe”.

For those who have never heard of this band, The Cinematic Orchestra is a jazz and electronic music group. Combining jazz and electronic music together sounds very interesting and this band did it perfectly. They’ve been around for over 20 years and to this day they can still deliver great music. I first heard one of their songs on the video game Sleeping Dogs and once I searched their music more, I was instantly hooked. They have such a very unique sound. A sound that can capture a person’s heart. A sound that can relax a person’s mind and body. This band is very talented and this album continues to prove that they haven’t lost a beat.

The band started production on this album a couple years ago actually and was finally finished and released on March 15th. It features 7 tracks and each of them are masterpieces. I might be making this album sound like it’s the greatest ever made, but I can’t help it since it’s a great album.

Before listening to The Cinematic Orchestra, I didn’t listen to jazz music that much even though I do enjoy it. The fact they mixed jazz and electronic music together and made it sound so different is astonishing. This album in my opinion didn’t have much of that jazz sound, but it’s still great. Each track has different kinds of emotions. Some have peaceful vibes, some have grieving vibes, and lastly happy vibes.

I love every single track but the two that stands out to me the most are The Workers of Art and A Promise. These two songs in particular really speaks to me. They both have powerful messages. Even by the titles themselves can tell you what you’re about to be in store for. These guys know how to incorporate messages into their music by their sounds.

I’m gonna rate this album 10/10 as it truly defines what true music sounds like. Music that speaks to you while you sit back and relax to it. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this band, please go check them out and you’ll definitely won’t be disappointed. Also check out this album too as it’s so far one of the best albums of the year.

Shokran: Ethereal

Album review time! I’ve listened to this album a couple nights ago and song by song I was amazed. Once the album was finished, I couldn’t wait to review it. Today’s album review we will be on Shokran’s Ethereal.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the band Shokran, you MUST check them out! Shokran is a metal band that hails from Russia and they have some very unique songs. Their style is very unique and they play their instruments with such passion. You can tell by listening to their songs trust me. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a few years and anytime a song is released, I’m listening with wide ears. Seriously guys, check this band out if you haven’t heard of them. You will become a fan almost immediately.

Now this album was released just 10 days ago on February 8th. Each song I feel has different kinds of emotions which I love. Some songs could make you head bang like crazy, some songs will make you relax. A combination of emotions and that’s really cool. This album features 9 tracks in total and once it ended I was craving for more I’m not gonna lie. Very rare that I would say that every single song would be my favorite on a album.

This album already has the contender to be album of the year, especially in the metal industry. There’s many more to come this year from different bands but this band has already put others on notice. Shokran is very talented as they continue to progress with their music each time they release anything. This album proves that they got many more to show to their fans and of course I’ll be there to here it all.

Easily, this album gets a 10/10 rating from me. Everything from the tracks to even the album cover shows how much creativity this band puts into their work. So if you guys have time, stop what you’re doing and pick up a copy of this album. Enjoy the unique sound of Shokran and support the band as much as you can because they deserve it for sure!

Chavyn Jaice – 4/3/2007 Cyclone

Song review time! Normally I do album reviews when it comes to music reviews but this one was simply requested and I couldn’t resist doing it. Today’s song review will be on “4/3/2007 Cyclone” by up and coming musician Captain Suavé

Now the genre of this song has more of an R&B vibe to it and I really like this song. To be honest, I don’t know the significance of 4/3/2007 but I’m sure that’ll be explained down the line. The rhythm of this song is nice as it’s so soothing and this is the type of song that you can dance to and even relax to.

Captain Suavé’s vocals in this song is very unique as well. So seductive, so laid back. He’s mostly singing but he adds a little hip/hop in the mix as well which is pretty cool. Y’all gotta really listen to this song to hear the back and forth between the two vocal types and you wont be disappointed.

You can find this song on Spotify and he has more singles on his Spotify as well. Just search Captain Suavé himself and you’ll be amazed by his talent.

This song is very recommended for any fans of R&B and even Hip/Hop and I’ll also add Pop in there as well. Remember go on Spotify and search Captain Suavé and give it a listen!

For an easier way to find the song, here are Suavé’s social media accounts and give my blood a follow!:

Twitter: @ChavynJaice

Instagram: @chavyn_jaice

Spotify: Captain Suavé

Congratulations on accomplishing your songs Captain Suavé and I predict your career will take off in the very near future. Keep doing your thing!!

Mudvayne: L.D. 50

Mudvayne fans! Time to review one of the best albums of all time! This album sparked a huge break for Mudvayne as they were on the rise of being one of the biggest nu-metal bands of all time. They went in hard on this album and each track showed how much work they put into their music. Today’s album review will be on Mudvayne’s L.D. 50.

Released in August 2000, this was the band’s first official studio album under a record label. This album peaked at #85 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and received tons of praises for the uniqueness and technical sound of the album. Not hard to see why! I was aware of the band for a long time before I heard this album in full and I became a bigger fan of Mudvayne. This album from top to bottom defined nu-metal and the band rightfully deserves to be mentioned along the lines of top nu-metal bands such as Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, etc and that is because of this album alone.

This album featured 17 tracks including Dig, Prod, Severed, Everything and Nothing, Death Blooms, Cradle, -1, etc. If you were to ask me what’s my favorite song from this album I would have a hard time deciding the song. Each song has some powerful lyrics in them and also some hard hitting instrumentals that would make any metal fan go crazy. I would have to say Prod would be my absolute favorite from the album and that’s because of the uniqueness of the song. Now most albums I listen to would have both a favorite song of mine and a least favorite song, but on this specific album I really did not have a least favorite song. Prod’s my absolute favorite, but there are other songs as well that would be at the top of the list for me as well.

This album literally received a lot of praise for its technical sound and songwriting style. This album was definitely different and not many metal fans at that time have ever heard an album that was 100% unique. You have to listen to the album very closely just to hear what a lot of critics have heard and that’s the uniqueness of the album.

This album gets a 10/10 overall for me! This album is literally one of my favorite albums of all time and honestly a lot of Mudvayne fans would agree with me on that. This album brought Mudvayne to stardom and this album alone makes them one of the best nu-metal bands ever. Definitely listen to this album and you’ll become a fan of them right away!