Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas guys!!

Take this time to spend quality time with your families! Have some hot coco with the family, watch your kids and relatives open their Christmas presents, share some great laughs with everyone, and most of all enjoy yourself. This holiday is a very special one and spending it with your families is always the beat way to celebrate the holiday.

So from me to you guys, Merry Christmas to you and your families and have a happy new year!!


A Conversation with Santa Claus

I’ve always wondered what it would be like having a conversation with Santa Claus. Imagine, even as a child, having to sneak out of your room to catch a glimpse of Santa pouring down presents under the Christmas tree and he so happens to catch you. If I was in that situation, I don’t know if I would be terrified or excited. One thing for sure though is that I would make an attempt to have a chat with Santa. I would take that time to sit down with him and get to know everything about him.

So many questions I would ask Santa Claus. Questions like how were you able to fit down the chimney? How are you able to bring tons of kids presents all over the world in such a matter of time? Does Mrs.Claus deliver presents as well? How often do you say Ho Ho Ho each day? So many questions that I could ask all night and I would listen to every single answer.

At the end of our conversation, I would take that time to thank Santa for everything he does every year for Christmas. For all the kids he’s made happy over the years and so on. For taking the time to deliver presents even though he probably would be out of it after every other delivery. Santa is the reason why Christmas is a great holiday to all children around the world.

What Does a Christmas Gift Mean to You?

One of the traditional Christmas activities everyone gets excited about each year is handing out Christmas presents. Presents among presents pour down each year as part of the Christmas tradition. Every single one of us around the world receives gifts, but what does these gifts signify to you?

Each year I’ve always wondered was there any true significance to the Christmas presents that’s been given to us. Whenever you’re given a Christmas present, what goes through your mind? I’m sure you’re thinking it’s probably because it’s Christmas and it’s expected every year. That maybe the case to most people but I think there’s a real message that’s behind your Christmas gifts.

Obviously for the children, Christmas gifts to them signifies how good they’ve been all year. They’ve been good kids for a whole entire year in order to receive anticipated Christmas gifts. That’s what they wait for each holiday season. Once they receive the gifts, they feel like their good behaviors have paid off big time and it sure has for them! As the older you get, I feel like there’s an better significance behind your Christmas gifts.

As you get older, I feel that your Christmas gifts shows that you’ve continued to be a good person each year you’ve been on this planet. Being here and spreading love and positivity day by day really shows your inner Christmas spirit. Being given Christmas gifts each year is definitely something to be proud of. Always cherish your gifts as they symbolizes your spirit to those who love you. Also appreciate those who presents the gifts to you, as they are truly saying thank you for being here for them each year and so on.

Always go out and buy Christmas gifts for those who brought you joy each year. Show them that not only the gifts are just Christmas gifts, but that the gifts truly means you’re saying thank you and you love them.

Winter Wonderland

This time of year has to be one of the most anticipated of any decade. Whenever the months of November and December come around, it gets people talking immediately. Yes they’re mostly talking about the holidays, but I’m mostly referring to something else that gets people excited, mainly kids. I’m talking about the sight of seeing crystal white flakes coming down from the sky. The sight of seeing the outdoors covered in tons of pasty white snow. I’m talking about the luxurious, Winter Wonderland.

I’ll start off by saying this, I HATE SNOW! Me personally, I can’t stand having to walk outside and continuously have to wipe the snow off my car, shoveling my driveway almost 24/7, not to mention constantly having snow in my eyes whenever the snow falls from the sky WHILE dealing with heavy wind. Also trying to get to work in this weather can be a complete pain in the butt. Now that I got my pet peeves about this weather out of the way, I’ll admit this weather isn’t all too bad.

I do enjoy seeing the children get excited about watching the snow fall. To be honest, I enjoy watching the snow fall too. Sitting at home with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall especially at the night time I’ll say is one of the best views I enjoy seeing all year. It literally looks like an Winter Wonderland! There’s even pictures online other countries that also has snow and I’m amazed of how beautiful the views look over there with all of the snow they have.

Just take a look at these!:





There’s more examples out there but these specifically stuck out the most to me that would define an Winter Wonderland. These places look so magical! They legit look like you’re in another universe. If only I could experience these places in person would be awesome. I would feel like I’ve stepped foot into THE Winter Wonderland and would love every second of it.

In my opinion, Winter Wonderland should be a spectacle. It should be a place where you can escape reality for a bit and experience something that totally looks like a fantasy, but you’re seeing it in person. Like I said before I hate snow, but if there was a chance that I would visit places like the pics above I would take that chance in a heartbeat. Those places are an Winter Wonderland to me!

Dear Christmas…

Dear Christmas,

               I don’t know where to start on having to talk about how special you are to families across the nation. So many good things to say about you that would require a long list. I’m not gonna take all day to talk about how special you are to us, but all I am gonna say is a simple thank you.

Thank you for giving families all over the world a chance to spend good quality time with each other.

Thank you for spreading joy to everyone of all ages. No matter how old we are, we will always appreciate what you truly mean to us.

Thank you for having us believe in miracles. Almost anything positive that occurs around the holidays are through Christmas miracles. Christmas miracles sure do exists, it just happens at the least expected times.

Thank you for giving us love, happiness, and most of all spirit. I say spirit because the spirit of Christmas certainly provides joy to millions every year when the holidays come around. People out here get very excited about Christmas every year and it’s not hard to see why.

Most importantly, thank you for giving children across the world true happiness. Seeing how happy kids get whenever Christmas comes around always brings a smile to my face. Kids LOVE Christmas! That has to be one of the best characteristics of the holiday and I absolutely love it.

So many more things I could be thankful for Christmas. This definitely wasn’t much of a blog but more of an thank you note. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this thank you note proves exactly why. So I will sign this off with one last final message to this holiday: continue to bring Christmas miracles to everyone across the world for many more decades.

Thank You Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This is the day where we all cherish every single second with our loved ones. This is the day where we say our grace, thanking the lord for blessing us with the opportunities to see our families and friends. This holiday doesn’t get that much recognition for being one of the best holidays of the year and it’s unfortunate because this is one of those holidays where family is the top priority as it should be.

Enjoy this holiday! Eat as much food as you can. Chat with as many relatives as you can. Cherish every single moment and create enjoyable memories. As each and every year goes by, more memories can be made on this special holiday and that’s something you guys will always remember.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!!