Top 3 Most Anticipated Summer Activities

My absolute favorite season is approaching! With summer on the way, there’s so much exciting things to look forward to. So many fun memories to create. So many fun activities to do! I wanted to do another top 3 post so this will be the Top 3 Summer Activities that are the most anticipated!

1. Amusement Parks

Going to an amusement park is something I always look forward to every summer! What’s not to like about them? Rides, food, overall great fun! Going with family and friends to an amusement park will always result in a great time. You also get to anticipate going on some well known rides like roller coasters, ferris wheels, etc! Amusement Parks define what summer should be about and that’s having a great time. Any amusement parks you go to, you will always see people with smiles on their faces. You will always see children having the time of their lives. You’ll see nothing but fun! Just like every summer, I can’t wait to go to one this year.

2. Surfing

Now I’m no surfer at all, but I can see why it’s a popular activity to do in the summer. On a perfect day, you see the sun shining down on earth and the ocean is bright and blue, so that would be a perfect time to grab your surf board and hit the waves! So many people go surfing as it’s a way for them to showcase their athleticism and their love for the ocean! I can’t necessarily speak for them but that’s how I see it. Surfing does look fun too and I respect every surfer out there who does it for a living. Grab your boogie boards and hit those waves as many times as you can this summer!

3. Camping

Camping doesn’t necessarily have to be a summer activity, but to me it’s the best time to do so! Going to a nice field or forest or whatever you may please, setting up tents, making s’mores, and most importantly spending time with loved ones. By camping, you’re basically living in nature! Seeing the trees along with ponds and fresh air could make any camping site a memorable one. Each summer, people plan camping trips like no other! They always want to find the perfect spot to have their own getaway as they can enjoy a nice weekend to themselves in the outdoors. You can always do some fun activities while camping as you could hunt, go fishing, go swimming, play a little sports with friends or family, etc. Camping is always a fun time so if you plan on going this summer, then do so!


Top 3 Biggest Dreams For Everyone

We all dream. We all dream about something big. We all dream about the future. We all simply dream. Now we all dream about things involving our own lives, but there’s something you people may not know. We all have similar dreams! The activities may be different, but we all share the same common dreams. I’m gonna tell you guys the Top 3 Biggest Dreams we all have together!

1. Creating A Legacy

I’m sure a lot of you guys want to be remembered for something once it’s your time to go right? Of course you do! That’s why we all dream about creating legacies. We all want to be remembered for eternity for something good. Something that will have people talking about you for the rest of their lives. The fact that you’re a great role model. The fact that you were loved. That’s a great feeling. We all want to create legacies that lasts for lifetime. That’s a big dream of ours that if you really want to, you can make that come true.

2. Living a Wealthy Life

Money can be great. It’s not everything, but it can be great. We all dream about having big wealth. Having a lot of flashy things such as cars, jewelry, houses, etc. That’s a life to have! That’s another dream that can be accomplished through hard work. Hard work equals success. Simple! It could take years, it could take months. Through hard work, you can live this dream of a wealthy life. Imagine sitting with your significant other on a yacht in the middle of the ocean on a bright sunny day? Now that’s would be the life to have! Dream about that lifestyle. Dream it big!

3. Be The Best You Can Be

Anything we dream of, we all want to be the best we can ever be when it comes to realizing that dream. No matter how we achieve our dreams, we want to make it the best we can. That strives a person to be very ambitious. Be more confident in ourselves. In that case, any dream can come true! That’s something you should live by each and every day too. Be the best you can be! When it comes to chasing your dream, be the best you can be! You will achieve that dream of yours and go on to live a lifestyle full of wealth, while creating a legacy along the way!

Dreams are awesome. Achieve them!

Remember This

Remember this: You ARE the light! You are important. You are something special. You are indeed a star. You have what it takes to succeed. You have a gift. You have the intelligence. You my friend are a treasure. Someone may not tell you that, but I just did.

Remember this: You are beautiful. You are handsome. You’re not ugly. You’re not unattractive. You’re simply beautiful. You’re simply handsome. Someone may not tell you that, but I just did.

Remember this: You’re confident. You’re strong. You’re a warrior. Your strength can be used to show how powerful of a person you are. You can be a superhero to people. You have what it takes to show it. You can be a great role model to young ones. You for sure have what it takes to do so. Someone may not tell you that, but I just did.

Remember this: Create a legacy that will last for a lifetime. Leave your mark on this world. Show people why you’re someone not to take for granted. Show people that you belong, no matter what field you’re in. Display leadership. Take no names. Show the world that you’re here for a reason. Here for a purpose! Someone may not tell you that, but I just did.

The purpose of this is to remind you all that you’re a special human being. All of these things I’ve mentioned are daily reminders that you should always remember. You all have these traits, you just gotta believe in yourself and you’ll be a great person to all.

Remember this: Someone may not tell you any of these things, but I certainly just did!

It Takes Guts to Live

Life can be very hard. So hard that it beats us down at times. That’s just the way life is. So many ups, so many downs. A big roller coaster. Life. People do crazy things every day in order to live their lives to the fullest. Living the quote, “Live like today’s your last, because tomorrow’s never promised.” Not sure if too many people have heard this quote but I’ve heard it a couple of times. If you think about, you’re already doing just that. Living in general, takes guts.

Each year passes. Each day passes. We’re all still here, living. Majority of us living happy lives, majority of us living sad lives. In general, each of us have the guts to live life. You can’t just let life take the best of you whenever things don’t go very well. You have to remind yourself; each day that you’re living, you have a lot of guts. Unfortunately, life can be so bad that many people don’t wanna deal with it anymore. That always makes me sad that people would go down that path. Please, don’t EVER take that path! No matter how hard life is, move forward with it. Show your strength by moving forward with your life. That takes a lot of guts to do, and YOU CAN DO IT!

This was something that came to me a couple days ago. “It takes guts to live, not to die.” As soon as I heard that quote, I instantly had to write about it. It’s so true though. It sure does take guts to live. Sometimes, life can be our enemy. When you come face to face with your enemy, you could either fight it or accept defeat. If you accept defeat without putting up a fight, what does that prove? Nothing. Fight the enemy! Live your life, showcase the guts you have!

Movie Review: Train to Busan

Recently, I went on Netflix to find a good movie to watch. I randomly came across this horror film and was absolutely hooked! From beginning to end, I was on the edge of my seat because of all the gore, the brutality, the storyline, etc. Today’s movie review will be on Train to Busan!

Released in South Korea on July 20th, 2016, this movie has it all when it comes to action thriller films. You want zombies? This movie has it. You want quality action? This movie has it. You want a compelling story? This movie has it! The stars of this film were Gong Yoo, Kim Su-an, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Woo-shik, Sohee, Kim Eui-sung, just to name a few.

The story of this film is Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) is a fund manager who works so much that he barley has enough time to see his daughter Su-an. Su-an’s birthday was coming up and her one birthday wish was to travel to Busan to visit her mother. Seok-woo is divorced from her mother so that relationship is sour of course. He was against the idea at first, but Su-an continued to persuade him and he reluctantly agreed. The next day, they board a KTX 101 at the Seoul Station. Things were going fine at first, then suddenly things took a turn for the worst. Su-an starts to notice something’s wrong outside the station. When the train finally starts to take off, a woman boards on and has a bite wound on her leg. A female worker notices this and goes over to the woman to check on her. As the worker got closer, this wounded woman turns into a zombie and attacks the worker! After the attack, the train worker herself turns into a zombie! This quickly spreads throughout the train as one by one each passenger gets bitten then turns into a zombie. While this chaos is going on, Su-an wanders off to see what’s going on. Seok-woo was napping but then wakes up to find Su-an gone, starting to panic. Seok-woo finally finds Su-an but at the same time he encounters the zombies. He’s able to get to her along with the help of Sang-hwa (Ma Dong-seok) and Yong-guk (Choi Woo-shik). These guys, along with other survivors, fight their way to the next train. There are zombies everywhere! Su-an is by her father’s side the whole time. Throughout the rest of the movie, each main character is killed by zombies tragically except for Seok-woo and Su-an, who survived half of this carnage. Near the end of the movie, these two along with a pregnant woman named Seong-kyeong made it to another train, only to find out that Seok-woo has been bitten by a zombie at some point. Heartbroken by this, Seok-woo ordered Seong-kyeong to watch over Su-an as he makes the decision to sacrifice himself. Su-an is devastated by this whole thing. She’s screaming for her father to come back, but Seok-woo did what he had to do. As the train is moving, Seok-woo leaps off of it, taking his own life. Seong-kyeong and Su-an are the last remaining survivors. The two finally makes it to Busan and walk through a train tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel are soldiers who are instructed to defend their spot from oncoming zombies. They notice the two survivors and were ordered to shoot them, but realized they were humans and decided against it. Su-an finally made it to Busan as she wished, but was heartbroken by the fact that her father sacrificed himself. The movie ends with her singing a song called “Aloha ‘Oe”, a song she honored in her father’s death.

This movie gets a 9/10 rating! This was a great action thriller film. My only issue was that it was all in Korean so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but that wasn’t a big deal. It’s still a great movie to watch and I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen it!


The Adrenaline Rush! That’s something we all feel almost daily. Whenever we’re in the middle of a big moment, you’ll always feel your blood boiling. You’ll have twice as much energy as you’ve ever had before. It feels really good doesn’t it? When you have an adrenaline going on inside of you, you would feel unstable. You would feel invincible. Any fear you have, it goes away in the blink of a moment.

You can use your adrenaline to achieve something you’ve always feared to achieve. It’s okay to use it! As long as you can control it. Your adrenaline makes you work harder. It strives you to do great. The Adrenaline Rush is a great feeling to have. It’s literally just that, a rush!

The message behind this is that anytime you have any some sort of adrenaline, use it to your advantage. Use it for the good. Use it for something that can change your life! The Adrenaline Rush can change your life without you even knowing it. Whenever you feel it, use it! Use your speed and work hard!

Is Writing A Talent? Absolutely!

I’m no professional writer by any means, but I do believe that writing is a talent. Writing to me is just as talented as a photographer, videographer, musician, actor, etc. It really is a talent!

To be a writer, you must know what you’re writing about. You must write something that will catch a person’s attention. To catch a person’s interest. Not only that, but you must have good punctuation and literature. Writing is like any other perfection. As long as you have those specific traits I just mentioned, you’ll be a talented writer. Like I said in the beginning, I’m no professional writer. I’m mostly speaking to people who don’t look at writing as a talent but more of a hobby. Writing can absolutely be a hobby too. If you want to take your writing to the next level, you can sure do that. Just look at famous poets such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, Allen Ginsberg, etc. They’ve all made a huge name for themselves through their historical writing. You can do the same. It’s for sure a talent!

That’s a big goal of mine as well. Taking my talent to the next level. Writing is something I’ve totally found out to be my true talent. Sure I’ve had mistakes along the way, but those mistakes can equal something more better. You can only learn from your mistakes.

Every single blog that I’ve seen was written by some talented people. They’ve all used their minds, their creativity, and put them into their blogs. For you bloggers our there here on WordPress, you’re very talented and keep doing what you’re doing!

If you ever want to become a writer or you’re currently a writer and someone tells you that it’s not a talent, don’t listen to them. If you want to pursue a career in writing and someone tells you not to, don’t listen to them. Go for it! Write with passion! It’s a true and pure talent! You’ll be an amazing writer!