Struggling is a Blessing

We all struggle. It’s life. It’s a pain in the ass to go through, but it serves a purpose. When you set a goal in life and you want to do whatever it takes to reach it, it’s highly possible that you’re gonna go through some struggles to get to where you want to be. If you think about it though, struggling is indeed a blessing.

Struggling is a blessing in disguise. It may not seem like it when you go through it because people out here do struggle very badly, but it’s a blessing in disguise. You’ll struggle, then suddenly things start to get better. Your life starts making a turn for the better. After struggling for a long time, your life becomes exactly what you pictured it would be. It’s pretty crazy, kind of like you’re in a fairy tale.

If you’re going through struggles right now, I’m telling you it’s a blessing in disguise. Your life will get better. Everything you’ve been working for will come true. You just have to believe that it will, and the rest will be history.

Struggling is okay. Once everything falls into place, you’ll be blessed with the outcome.

That is all for today. Struggling IS a BLESSING!

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One Thing in Life That’s Guaranteed

In life, we’re all promised something. We expect to be given something that’s been guaranteed to us. People make those promises all the time, including me and you. We’re not innocent in this whatsoever. Guaranteed promises become reality sometimes, but only sometimes. What many people don’t seem to realize is that in life, there’s only ONE thing that’s guaranteed to all of us. There’s only one thing that will happen to all of us whether even if it happens later in life. That one thing, is death.

Death can come at any age. Death can come at any time, any day, any month, any week, any year. It’s something we can never escape. Death is guaranteed to all of us.

Why do you think people always say “YOLO”? Even though the term’s stupid, it’s true. You only live once, so LIVE! Life doesn’t really guarantee a damn thing if you think about it. When someone promises you something, you won’t think they would go through with that promise right? When something’s guaranteed to you, you would think it will go through right? Wrong. Simply wrong.

It’s pretty scary but at the same time, don’t let it stop you from living the life you want to live. Live every day like it’s your last. You never know when it’ll be your last.

Anything can be guaranteed, but death will always be guaranteed.

Live life. Live NOW!

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So something magical happened recently. I randomly found a novel, even though I can’t remember the name of it, in a library and started reading it, page by page. The more I was reading this novel, the more I’ve become engaged to it. I didn’t purchase it for some reason, but I’ve started to become more invested into books, novels, etc.

I smacked myself for that actually. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t truly into books when I was younger, going to school. The last time I can remember reading a book from start to finish was during my freshman year in high school. Once I’ve finished reading that novel for a short time, I started thinking about how important reading can be.

Reading can be an important part of anyone’s lives. Reading can help with comprehension skills, learning skills, and even writing skills. That’s honestly how I’ve developed a skill in writing at a young age, by reading whenever I got the chance to. With reading, I’ve looked at words and learned how to pronounce them and spell them out, pretty much how all of us did when we were younger. Not only that, but reading can create some interesting television in your brain.

Am I the only person who reads a book and turns it into a television show in my head? That makes reading fun to me! I would read a chapter, then analyze it in my head as if it was a scene in a TV show. Reading can do that to your brain by making it fun, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t read because you find it boring. It can be boring, but if you use your head for creativity then you can make reading fun for yourself! Reading in general can be fun as long as you make it that way. Find books that interest you. Find books that have certain topics that you enjoy and once you read them, you’ll never regret picking up a book ever again!

I’ll start doing the same!

Read and learn, everyday. 📚

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Adapt & Transform


As you grow each and every day, you’re adapting. You’re gaining momentum. You’re earning special points, if that makes any sense. We learn new crafts from our advocates and even our adversaries. We take each skill we learn, and adapt to them. The more you learn, the more you adapt. You’re gaining so much skill and keep them in a bottle. Now that you’ve filled that bottle with skills you’ve adapted, you can take those skills to greater heights.


Take the skills that you’ve adapted, and transform into a new breed of yourself. You’ll feel alive. You’ll feel free. You’ll feel rejuvenated. You’ll be new, a new you! Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? You can accomplish that by transforming yourself. It sounds easy and could be easy, as long as you have the endurance to do so. A transformation is maybe all you need in order to make a change in your life. When that time comes, and you know it, transform. Wait til you see that outcome that you’ve dreamed for.

Adapt and Transform. Those two words are now stuck in your mind. By accomplishing these things, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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When You Wake Up, What’s on your Mind?

The title of this blog is a simple question I propose to you guys. When you wake up, what’s on your mind?

You go to sleep at night, thinking about your good night rest. You wake up in the morning with different thoughts.

What’s on your mind? Do you think you’re gonna have a good day. You think you’re gonna have a bad day? Anything totally out of the ordinary?

Maybe you don’t think about anything, which is fine. I find it impossible for someone to wake up and not think about anything. You would want to wake up with a purpose. You would want to wake up with the thought of being a good person to others. You just want to wake up for a brand new day. Anything is something to wake up for.

When you wake up, what’s on your mind?

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Do you value your time? Do you take your time seriously? Time is something we can’t get back. Once it’s wasted, it’s wasted. No take backs. Time is valuable. Time is consuming. Time is something to be consistent with. No time = wasted space. We all should value our time.

Life is full of time, but it’s also not. You could have a lot of time to accomplish something, but you really don’t. Life’s too short to have your time wasted. You can lose anything in any moment. No time required. Take your take seriously. Make your time valuable.

Daily reminder people. Not much more to be said.

Take your time for anything. Make it last. Once it passes by, it’s gone forever.

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Am I Okay?

Am I okay? I ask myself that almost everyday to be honest with y’all. One minute I’m fine, the next I’m in deep thought, then I’m fine again. How weird is that? That’s when I ask myself that exact question, am I okay?

One minute, happy. The next, sad. Then, happy again. It’s really confusing for damn sure. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know if it’s in the moment that I have both emotions going on or what, but it is confusing. I hope it’s not a case of something, like something mentally emotional or some sort. I don’t know. It’s really weird.

Being happy is how I feel almost every day! Of course there’s bad days but that’s just how life works. But there are days that I would feel happy, then sad for about a minute, then go right back to feeling happy. I keep it to myself because I don’t think it’s a huge problem at all. It’s just something that’s confusing as hell to me.

Am I the only one who goes through this? Do you guys go through the same situation I do? Tell me what y’all think?

Am I okay? Am I stable? Am I confused? So many questions, so many unknown answers.

Am I okay?

I sincerely hope so…….

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