The Road of Life

Take a good look at the featured image for this blog post. You guys see this specific road? See all the twists and turns? That is what I would label as the Road of Life.

We all know that life has its ups and downs, but it also features twists and turns. One thing will always lead to another. That’s how difficult life can be at times. You turn one corner and things will be fine then suddenly you turn another corner and things start to get funny. It can be very frustrating. It happens over and over again. Time and time again. But that’s how life is.

Now take a look at the bottom of the road. It’s perfectly straight, kind of like a finish line. That’s what I like to call it, the Finish Line. After all the twists and turns you go through, you finally reach the finish line and you’ll turn out to be a better person. Life gives you challenges. You must accept those challenges and complete them. Everything will turn out for the better!

Once you reach that finish line, you’ll feel like a new person. You’ll feel accomplished. You’ll feel like a superhero. You’ll feel great! Twists, turns, back and forth, you’ll go through it all. All that matters is that finish line you cross. Reach it, then throw your fist in the air for celebration! ✊


It Takes Guts to Live

Life can be very hard. So hard that it beats us down at times. That’s just the way life is. So many ups, so many downs. A big roller coaster. Life. People do crazy things every day in order to live their lives to the fullest. Living the quote, “Live like today’s your last, because tomorrow’s never promised.” Not sure if too many people have heard this quote but I’ve heard it a couple of times. If you think about, you’re already doing just that. Living in general, takes guts.

Each year passes. Each day passes. We’re all still here, living. Majority of us living happy lives, majority of us living sad lives. In general, each of us have the guts to live life. You can’t just let life take the best of you whenever things don’t go very well. You have to remind yourself; each day that you’re living, you have a lot of guts. Unfortunately, life can be so bad that many people don’t wanna deal with it anymore. That always makes me sad that people would go down that path. Please, don’t EVER take that path! No matter how hard life is, move forward with it. Show your strength by moving forward with your life. That takes a lot of guts to do, and YOU CAN DO IT!

This was something that came to me a couple days ago. “It takes guts to live, not to die.” As soon as I heard that quote, I instantly had to write about it. It’s so true though. It sure does take guts to live. Sometimes, life can be our enemy. When you come face to face with your enemy, you could either fight it or accept defeat. If you accept defeat without putting up a fight, what does that prove? Nothing. Fight the enemy! Live your life, showcase the guts you have!

Action is Key

People can talk about doing what they want to do all the time. Anyone can talk a big game. Anyone can talk the talk. Words are so easy to dish out because it’s just that, words. You want to know what’s not so easy to dish out? Your actions. Anyone can talk the talk, but who can really walk the walk? Actions speak louder than words. Your words are good, but your actions are more important.

It takes someone with great endurance to talk the talk AND walk the walk. You’ll always have a voice, but sometimes your voice isn’t good enough. You gotta show people that you mean what you say. Through your actions, you must show people that you’re not one to be taken lightly. Through your actions, you’ll be taken more seriously.

Your movements are always going to be invested in. You must take that opportunity to thrive! Talk your big game, then show it! People are always gonna be watching! The key to success is your determination. Your ambitions. Push yourself through your actions in order to get what you want. That makes a better impact than your words.

Your words are inspiring, but your actions are the true inspiration. Your actions will get you to the top of the mountain. Your action is key. Use it to open the door to your future.

Your actions speak 10x LOUDER to words! Instead of promising, start proving. Instead of talking, start acting. Instead of saying, start showing!

Your actions will always be key.

Point of View

What’s your point of view on life? What do you see every time you step out into the open world? Do you see peace? Do you see controversy? These are type of sights most people view in their own eyes as they walk through society everyday. Most people wonder, “Is this what life is suppose to be? Life is suppose to be this bad? This dangerous? Where’s the love? Where’s peace and happiness?” I would love to know myself.

Everyone’s got their own point of views on life. There are definitely people out here who sees happiness. They can go almost anywhere and just be happy, mainly because they can view anything in a positive matter. That’s how a person should live their lives and that’s through positivity. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always view it with positivity. Never view things in a negative way or else you’ll become part of the cons of life. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Anything you view in life, always view it with happiness.

I view life as an ocean. Sometimes, things go smoothly without anything hazards. Sometimes, disasters would occur and a big wave hits. That can be a wave of negativity. Everyone knows the saying of life is like a roller coaster right? Everything goes up then goes down. Same can be said for an ocean as well. When things are swell, the water stays low. When a weather hazard occurs, waves will form. That’s how I view life and will continue to view it that way forever. No one wants to deal with waves all the time, but they do happen for a reason just like how we all deal with bad days at times.

Life can definitely be viewed in many kind of ways. You just have to make sure that everything you view is for the better. Nothing that should keep you down. We all have our point of views on life and it’s okay to have different views on everything. We should all agree on one thing though; everything we view should be for the better. I hope you guys would agree with me on that. Better views equals a better life.

Top 3 Words For Life

Throughout life, we all have a lot of things we go through almost on a daily basis. Whether it’s stuff that’s negative or positive, we always have our mindsets reflect on our daily activities. Here’s something we need to remember though: we always need motivation for anything we go through in life. Not just physical motivation though, motivation in words. What I mean by this is that we need to have certain words in our minds that would help us get through our lives every single day. These are the top 3 words we all need to remember for the rest of our lives.

1. Thankful

No matter what you do in life, you should always feel thankful for everything you go through. Even when you’re feeling down and not feeling good about yourself at all, always feel thankful because one day your life will get better and better as the time goes on. Also be thankful for your peers. Without them, you would feel lost at times. You would feel empty without the comfort of someone. Same thing can be said about your family. Be thankful that they’re around. Without family, you will totally have no one. Always be thankful in life. Positivity will come around when you really need it.

2. Positivity

You can’t go around feeling bad about yourself everyday. That’ll make things more difficult for you to do. Always be positive. Even if you’re having a terrible day, be positive at the end of it. If you’re having a bad at work, that’s okay. Be positive at the end of the day. Spread positivity to those around who and most importantly to those who need it. You know who needs it the most? The entire world. I would just love for everyone to have some positivity in their lives all over the world. The more we have it, the less problems this world will have. I don’t know how that would be accomplished, but with the right amount of people to be on board with it, maybe this world would be a better place after all.

3. Love

Always show love. Show love those you care about and to even those who you don’t know. Most importantly, love yourself. There’s even people out here who need to understand that more than ever. I hate seeing people feel bad for themselves. People who don’t love themselves usually self destruct to the point where there’s no turning back. If you’re one of those people, please stop that. Find a way to love yourself and keep that up. Once you do that, you’ll feel like a whole new person! Love yourself, your peers, your family, and God. Spread love to everyone in your life! The best gift you could ever ask for is receiving love from everyone else in return.

Nature: The World’s Medicine

There’s always something about nature that’s extremely fascinating. Whenever you see so much land, so much trees and plants, so much water, you just soak in the air and relieve so much stress off yourself. There’s no doubt that people love going into the woods to see its nature up close and personal and a lot of times people do that so they can get away from anything that’s going on in their cities. In some form of fashion, nature is the world’s medicine.

Nature is the world’s medicine. I’ll explain what I mean by that statement. Everywhere you go in this world, you’ll see tons of land. You’ll see oceans, forests, lakes, ponds, etc. Almost everytime a person witnesses those atmospheres, their eyes become glued to what they’re seeing. Almost in the heap of the moment, they’re in love with nature. Smelling the air and you’ll smell fresh air. Nothing rotten, nothing contagious. Just fresh air. It’s a medicine in a type of way. Normally you can sense bio hazards, but not when it comes to pure nature. The smell of nature can clear a person’s mind easily. They just have to believe that it can.

There’s people out here who lives in the cities and could possibly be too much for them. So what do they do? They pack their belongings and take a trip to an nearby forest and go camping. Seeing all of its nature in person is their own scapegoat. Clears their mind, changes their soul, and makes them not wanna go back to the city. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the city life, but I can understand when a person says that they wanna leave the cities and go somewhere more secluded, that features so much nature. I’m telling y’all, that’s the world’s medicine right there.

Another awesome thing about nature is seeing the animals live their lives there. Nature is basically an animal’s life. So much food and water for them to eat and drink. Not having to worry about any hazards. They can live without fear. No worries. Only in nature is when that’s possible. I’m sure their lives are less stressful than ours. They can live freely unlike us humans. Only in nature. Gotta love it!

If you’re someone whose dealing with so much problems or having so much stress on yourself, trust me, you should take a trip to a nearby forest or even a nearby park that has so much land and relieve that stress off yourself. Take a walk, go hiking, hell or even go fishing in a nearby pond, and you’ll feel great. Once you do any of that and your mindset is clearer, you’ll realize that you just took the best medicine ever, and that’s nature. Nature is the world’s medicine. Trust me you’ll realize that once you experience it yourself in full effect.