Put Your Hand Out

Everyone has their ups and downs in life, especially downs. Whenever we fall down, the main thing to do is to get back up and keep going. For some people, getting back up isn’t their option. They would rather stay down and feel bad about themselves. That’s where you can step in. Sometimes all it takes is a single hand. When people fall, they struggle to get back up and you can help them. All you have to do is put your hand out and bring them back to their feet.

Not everyone has the strength to overcome their lowest periods. Most people would remain upset with themselves. Remain depressed. Remain with low self-esteem. You can change that with the power of kindness. You can change that with your own hands. Whenever someone’s talking about how depressed they are or how they can’t be happy, that’s where you stick your hand out and say, “I’ll help you.”

I had this in mind as I constantly see people in their lowest periods of life. Now at first I would leave it as I would think, “It’s okay. They’ll be back on their feet in no time.” Oh boy would I be wrong at times. It’s sad that people would fall and can’t find the courage, the strength to get back up. It literally sickens me. No one should feel that way. Ever. Then I start to realize that all these people need is a hand. A single hand. THE hand of guidance. If I could just reach my hand out and say that I could help them, maybe that could make a huge difference in that person’s life. It could probably make a difference for anyone’s lives.

If you see someone down, put your hand out. If you see someone who has signs of depression, put your hand out. If you see someone who completely has had enough, put your hand out. Hell if you just want to do something kind for people around you, put your hand out and surprise them. Putting your hand could make a big difference for anyone. Deep down that person needs it and you can be the guidance they can have. Everyday this stuff goes on and you can see how a person’s hand changed another person’s life.

Always be kind and do the right thing. Always help those who really need it. Always share your love with others. They might not think that they need it, but trust me they do. How do you do it? Very simple gesture to do: put your hand out. Become a life changer in a matter of seconds.


Love: A Form of Art

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s all about spreading love! Couples across the country will spend their Valentine’s Day showcasing their love for one another. There’s always a creative way that couples showcase their love for one another through dinners, gestures of flowers and roses, dates, big ass teddy bears, etc. One thing that stands out to me whenever I see these kind of things is one simple word, art. To me, love is a form of art. These examples demonstrate just that.

Any artists always shows their creativity through their talent. Whether its through paintings, music, drawings, movies, people will showcase their art any chance they get. The same can be said for people who expresses their love for someone. Whenever a person falls in love for someone, they do whatever they can to showcase it. They do it by giving their crush a flower or a rose as a start off. Now if that person wants to go to a greater level, they’ll buy their crush a gift such as a box of chocolates or any sort of candy. The point is that the person is trying to show their crush that the person is in love with them. Showcasing its love by gifts. That’s a form of art right there.

Now with couples, they go through top lengths to demonstrate their love for each other. Typically they would go on dates, but when they don’t then that’s when the creative juices flow in order to show each other how they love one another. The man would focus on finding his woman the best bouquet of flowers he can find. Also grabs some rose peddles to spread his love for his woman in the atmosphere. Along with a stuffed animal and box of chocolates, the man will go very far to demonstrate his love for his woman. As for the woman, she goes to find some nice collection of frequencies that would make her man smell great. Along with some nice clothes and even a box of chocolates, she’s doing what she can as well to demonstrate her love for her man. These are just examples of the creativity couples like this have to show each other their love. In a way, that’s art right there.

Each and every single one of us has our own ways expressing love for someone through creativity. Hell there’s even people out here who will use actual art to do just that for their significant other. Valentine’s Day is upon us and use you inner artistic ideas to show the person you love that you will love them for eternity.

Showcase your love. Showcase it through your creativity.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ❤❤ 👫👬👭