Good vibes can certainly help make someone’s day. That’s what life should be about, good vibes! Everyday we all have those moments where we can feel a certain vibe at any point of the day. Whether it’s good, bad, weird, sad, etc. We can all feel vibes during the day. I hope you’re having good vibes around you right now!

Now I know we can’t have good vibes everyday but that’s okay. Whenever you’re dealing with any other vibe that’s not good, it can help you create good vibes. Take the bad vibes and turn it into a good one by doing an activity you love or anything. Spending time with friends and family can bring some good vibes in as well. It does feel odd sometimes that a certain vibe can change a person’s day at any moment. The moment you have bad vibes, your day will not go as great. A good one, you’ll have a great day. Pretty weird huh?

Now I have a question for you guys; have you guys ever had strange vibes? It’s kind of hard to explain but have you guys ever dealt with a certain type of vibe that just doesn’t feel right? Maybe when you notice something’s not right. Maybe something’s going on and you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but you know something’s up. I’ve dealt with it before but only like once or twice. Have you guys ever dealt with that?

Now I have another question; are good vibes important to you? If so, how important? Does it feel like you must have good vibes in order to survive a day? These are questions I ask myself sometimes. Maybe that’s just me? Would like to know what you guys think about vibes and if they’re important to you.

To me, you must have good vibes no matter how you feel during the day. Without them, how can you appreciate life? Vibes can definitely change a person’s day, even a person’s life! I hope you guys are having good vibes right now and enjoy it for the rest of your day!


Anger Is A Gift

Have you ever wondered why you get angry at times? When something happens and it sets you off, have you ever tried to process it through your mind as to why you’re angry at that exact moment? We all have things we get angry about, but what we don’t stop to realize that our anger could mean something. Getting angry could sometimes result to something positive. Our anger is something to take notice. Your anger is a gift.

Normally when a person is upset, they go off. They scream, banter, yell, etc. Sometimes destroy an object nearby. Whenever you come down from your rampage, take a minute to look back on it. If you think about it, your anger could mean something. You can use your anger to create something that can result to a positive outcome. Really think about this. Use your anger for good instead of evil.

There’s tons of people out here use use their anger for good. Mainly musicians and artists and etc. Musicians use their inner anger to create a smash hit song that could last for a lifetime. Even come up with some amazing ideas along the way such as interesting lyrics and instrumentals. For any artists, they use their anger for new artistic ideas. Create something that they can look at as a sign of relief. They use their anger for special things. You can do the same. Just find something that can make you express your anger in a way that could be understood without rubbing someone the wrong way.

Even screaming. A while ago, I wrote a blog post about screaming and how it could help with your emotions. The same can be said here as well. If you’re angry, just go out and scream! You will feel better, but also you’ll realize your mind is cleared and you can use your anger for good. It’s possible and I know it sounds a little weird but it’s worth it in the end.

Your anger can be very rare to come across as it does take a lot to get angry at something. Not upset, not mad, I’m talking about straight up anger. That’s why it could be a gift as well. Gifts are sometimes rare to come by as you recieve them at random times. Whenever you get angry, you ever think about the last time you felt that way? I know I would have, and then realize that this doesn’t happen very often. Take that anger as your own gift. Use it for better, not for worse. Just make sure you treat yourself as well. You’ll feel 10x better.