Movie Review: Toy Story 4

You’ve got a friend in me guys! The 4th installment of a legendary series! Going to see this movie, I knew for sure I was in for some emotional moments. The first 3 movies featured a good amount of those kind of moments and this movie featured them as well as expected. Not to mention, we had some new characters! Today’s movie review will be on Toy Story 4!

Recently released on June 21st, this movie already had fans talking. Everyone who’s seen Toy Story’s 1-3 was excited to see this film the moment it was announced over a year or two ago. The first three films were focused on the character Andy Davis, but now he’s all grown up and the new focus is on the character Bonnie. Bonnie adopted Andy’s toys at the end of Toy Story 3 so this movie was expected to be focused on her.

All of the characters from the franchise are here including the likes of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex, Slinky, Bo Peep, Hamm, Bullseye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, etc. We had some new characters introduced to us including Forky, Gabby Gabby, Bunny and Ducky, etc. I must say Bunny and Ducky are hilarious especially since they’re voiced by Key and Peele lol Forky was prominently featured in this film and he was a good character so I do believe he could be a main character going forward if we see more Toy Story films.

The story was that Bonnie was soon to be starting Kindergarten, and was definitely not interested in going. We’ve all been there before. She wanted to take one of her toys to school with her but her father told her that toys aren’t allowed to be brought to school. Noticing how upset she was, Woody decided to sneak into her backpack and go to school with her. Bonnie sits in class as she starts to feel lonely, in which I started feeling bad for her because it was sad to see her upset. A kid walks up to her but grabs some crayons instead and while eating an apple, this kid spits it out in the trash while dropping crayon boxes into the trash at the same time. Woody sees this and goes to grab the crayon boxes out of the trash. Bonnie reaches into the box and stumbles upon a spork, then a lightbulb was turned on inside her head! She creates her newest friend, Forky! Forky comes home to meet the new gang but he’s really shy and confused. He’s a spork, so he’s use to trash.

Throughout the movie, Forky keeps trying to escape from Bonnie and all of the other toys. They were on an RV as Bonnie and her parents were going on a road trip and during the middle of the night, Forky jumps out the window. Woody of course comes to the rescue and jumps of after him. He finds him and the two go on a walk, getting to know each other and becoming friends.

Fast forward and these guys end up in an Antique Store. Woody notices Bo Peep’s signature lamp, thinking she was inside since he hasn’t seen her in years. They look for Bo but come across a new character named Gabby Gabby and her entourage The Bensons. Gabby is immediately fascinated by the fact that Woody has a voice box. She then comes up with a plan to get the box out of Woody and Woody notices this because he’s no dummy. He tries to escape with Forky but Forky was captured by Gabby and she keeps him hostage. The rest of the movie is now focused on Woody trying to rescue Forky.

At one point, Woody reunites with Bo Peep! They now go on the mission to rescue Forky together. Buzz Lightyear is now trying to rescue Woody but then he gets picked up by a carnival worker and is now part of a carnival game prize. This was when we were introduced to new characters Bunny and Ducky. These two were jealous of Buzz from the get go and tried to hilariously beat him up by failed badly. Buzz gets loose but so does Bunny and Ducky and they begin to chase Buzz. Woody and Bo are now on top of the roof with another new character named Giggles McDimples. They’re about to sneak into the Antique Store when Buzz, along with Bunny and Ducky, reunites with Woody and Peep. This point going forward, multiple attempts to rescue Forky had failed. They try to get help from one more new character named Duke Caboom. Again, they fail to rescue Forky and the other toys started to get frustrated by this point.

Woody is now alone in his quest to rescue Forky since everyone else gave up on the mission. He comes across Gabby and the Bensons again but this time Gabby wanted to reason with him. She really wants Woody’s voice box and he agrees to give it to her as long as she returns Forky to him. Deal was done and both toys got what they wanted. Forky reunites with Woody and they try to leave but Forky notices that Gabby was attempting to become a child’s new toy. This child wanted no part of her and this left Gabby totally depressed. Woody makes a deal with her that she can be part of Bonnie’s collection of toys and Gabby agrees. Now she joins them on their way back to Bonnie. They now reached the carnival where Bonnie and her parents were. They can’t wait to get back to Bonnie but Bo Peep wasn’t into it since she was originally not Bonnie’s toy. She convinces Woody that there’s so much out there in life besides being someone’s toy. Woody thinks about this and at the last minute decides to join Bo. The gang sees this and knows what’s going on. Woody begins to say his goodbyes to the gang and does the most emotional thing ever by giving Jessie his sheriff’s badge! Jessie was shocked but excited for the opportunity. The gang gets back into the RV, reuniting with Bonnie, while Woody and Bo stay back at the carnival. The movie ends with both Buzz and Woody reciting the famous line, “To infinity and beyond…….” and man that was an emotional end to the movie.

I’ll give this movie a 8/10 rating because even though the characters were great, I feel like the story wasn’t that interesting unlike the previous movies. It’s definitely worth the watch though especially if you’re a Toy Story fan!


Movie Review: Train to Busan

Recently, I went on Netflix to find a good movie to watch. I randomly came across this horror film and was absolutely hooked! From beginning to end, I was on the edge of my seat because of all the gore, the brutality, the storyline, etc. Today’s movie review will be on Train to Busan!

Released in South Korea on July 20th, 2016, this movie has it all when it comes to action thriller films. You want zombies? This movie has it. You want quality action? This movie has it. You want a compelling story? This movie has it! The stars of this film were Gong Yoo, Kim Su-an, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Woo-shik, Sohee, Kim Eui-sung, just to name a few.

The story of this film is Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) is a fund manager who works so much that he barley has enough time to see his daughter Su-an. Su-an’s birthday was coming up and her one birthday wish was to travel to Busan to visit her mother. Seok-woo is divorced from her mother so that relationship is sour of course. He was against the idea at first, but Su-an continued to persuade him and he reluctantly agreed. The next day, they board a KTX 101 at the Seoul Station. Things were going fine at first, then suddenly things took a turn for the worst. Su-an starts to notice something’s wrong outside the station. When the train finally starts to take off, a woman boards on and has a bite wound on her leg. A female worker notices this and goes over to the woman to check on her. As the worker got closer, this wounded woman turns into a zombie and attacks the worker! After the attack, the train worker herself turns into a zombie! This quickly spreads throughout the train as one by one each passenger gets bitten then turns into a zombie. While this chaos is going on, Su-an wanders off to see what’s going on. Seok-woo was napping but then wakes up to find Su-an gone, starting to panic. Seok-woo finally finds Su-an but at the same time he encounters the zombies. He’s able to get to her along with the help of Sang-hwa (Ma Dong-seok) and Yong-guk (Choi Woo-shik). These guys, along with other survivors, fight their way to the next train. There are zombies everywhere! Su-an is by her father’s side the whole time. Throughout the rest of the movie, each main character is killed by zombies tragically except for Seok-woo and Su-an, who survived half of this carnage. Near the end of the movie, these two along with a pregnant woman named Seong-kyeong made it to another train, only to find out that Seok-woo has been bitten by a zombie at some point. Heartbroken by this, Seok-woo ordered Seong-kyeong to watch over Su-an as he makes the decision to sacrifice himself. Su-an is devastated by this whole thing. She’s screaming for her father to come back, but Seok-woo did what he had to do. As the train is moving, Seok-woo leaps off of it, taking his own life. Seong-kyeong and Su-an are the last remaining survivors. The two finally makes it to Busan and walk through a train tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel are soldiers who are instructed to defend their spot from oncoming zombies. They notice the two survivors and were ordered to shoot them, but realized they were humans and decided against it. Su-an finally made it to Busan as she wished, but was heartbroken by the fact that her father sacrificed himself. The movie ends with her singing a song called “Aloha ‘Oe”, a song she honored in her father’s death.

This movie gets a 9/10 rating! This was a great action thriller film. My only issue was that it was all in Korean so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but that wasn’t a big deal. It’s still a great movie to watch and I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen it!

Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

I’ll start off by saying, I’m NOT a Marvel fan. Never got into the franchise and never will. With that said, anytime I get a huge request to watch a certain Marvel movie I cave in and give it a watch. Even though I’m not a fan of the franchise personally, they do make great movies and this was no different. Today’s movie review will be on Avengers: Endgame!

Now this movie was a sequel to last year’s Avengers: Infinity War. Every character is here including Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, etc. Since it’s a sequel there’s not much new characters involved.

The story is that the superheros want to end Thanos once and for all. Thanos disintegrated half of all life just weeks prior to all Avengers joining forces yet again with their goal to destroy him. Throughout the movie, the crew travels back in time to numerous years including 2012, 2013, 2014 and even 1970! That retro year was very cool to me. The whole purpose of them traveling back in time was to retrieve all of the Infinity Stones. Once they have all of the stones, they’ve created a gauntlet to keep them hostage. The Avengers crew finally were about to fight Thanos when he assembles his own army. This causes a restored Stephen Strange to restore the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy armies along with the armies of Wakanda. This leads to an epic brawl that I really enjoyed. I know I’m skipping through majority of the movie but a lot of people still haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t wanna say too much. Brawl ends with Iron Man finally capturing the stones and uses them to kill Thanos and his whole army, but that came with a heavy price. Iron Man became mortally wounded then sadly dies.

After his funeral, Thor appoints Valkyrie as the new king of New Asgard and joins the Guardians of the Galaxy! Captain America returns all of the Infinity Stones to their original places in time. Fast forward to the present, elderly Captain America passes on his vintage shield to Sam Wilson, aka Falcon!

This movie gets a 9/10! Like I said earlier, I’m not a Marvel fan but I can see why the franchise is popular. From the storytelling to the nonstop action, this movie really was an endgame!

Movie Review: Us

I went to see this movie expecting some top notch scary moments, and boy this movie did not disappoint! Today’s movie review will be on Jordan Peele’s latest horror film, Us!

This was Jordan Peele’s second horror film that he’s directed and this man is already doing big business with his films. I remember watching Get Out and was amazed with the story and horror of the film. Once I heard about this movie and the fact that Jordan Peele directed it, I knew I was in for a treat. He’s got a big career ahead of him if he continues to provide films like this one.

Us is a very unique horror film I must say. Now earlier I said that this movie featured top notch scary moments and I wasn’t kidding. There were moments where I legit opened my eyes wide whenever a major twist happened. Whenever someone scary happened, I jumped. I’ll admit it, I jumped. Especially with the buildup to any of these moments I would sit straight up, knowing for a fact that something was about to pop off.

This movie was starred by Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Anna Diop, and Evan Alex as a loving family who goes on a vacation to a beach house in Santa Cruz. Now earlier in the film, we see a young Adeladie Thomas (Lupita’s character) on vacation with her parents in Santa Cruz. As her parents are occupied, she wanders off onto the beach where she finds a funhouse. She wanders around the funhouse more and when she looks into a mirror, she notices a clone of herself. This clone is known as a doppelganger, and it scares the living crap out of her. Fast forward years later and we’re on the current day of Adelaide’s life as she’s on vacation with her family.

Throughout the movie, Adelaide is having constant flashbacks to her first vacation in Santa Cruz. She can’t get that image out of her mind, encountering the doppelganger. Her husband Gabe (Winston’s character) and her children all want to go to the beach, but she’s apprehensive about it because of her memories on that beach. They go to hang out with the Tyler Family: played by Tim Heidecker, Elisabeth Moss, and Cali and Nolle Sheldon. The whole time Adelaide is just uncomfortable being there so she wasn’t having a good time. Her son Jason (Evan’s character) wanders off, reminiscences his mother doing the same thing when she was his age. He then notices a man in a red jumpsuit standing on the beach with his arms extended out and blood on his hands. He never told his family about it, but later on Adelaide notices a picture that Jason drew of the man in the red jumpsuit.

Fast forward to that night, weird things started happening outside of the beach house. Jason notices a family of four outside in their driveway and everyone’s freaking out. Gabe goes out to investigate and as he threatens the family with a baseball bat, the family begins to attack. They break into the house and begins to terrorize the Wilsons. The family holds the Wilsons hostage in their living room and they reveal themselves. They’re the doppelgangers of the Wilsons! Adelaide’s doppelganger is named Red and she’s the only one who can speak. Gabe’s doppelganger is named Abraham. Zora’s doppelganger is named Umbrae. Jason’s doppelganger is named Pluto, who wears a mask. Red forces Adelaide to handcuff herself to the coffee table while Umbrae forces Zora to run out of the house. Pluto and Jason goes to a closet to play. Abraham forces Gabe to go to their boat outside. Each doppelganger share a signature weapon and it’s a pair of golden scissors. The golden scissors would be the signature weapon for the doppelgangers.

Fast forward a bit here, the Wilsons break free and they escape their beach house on Gabe’s boat and they travel to the Tyler Family’s house. There we see the Tyler family murdered by their own doppelgangers. The Wilsons arrive to see their friends dead and then they encountered the Tyler doppelgangers. The Wilsons kill them then they find out through the news that there are millions of doppelgangers out in the world called The Tethered. The Wilsons try to escape in the Tylers’ car til then are interrupted by Umbrae. Umbrae is killed when Adelaide slams on the brakes of the car and Umbrae flies into the nearby woods, colliding with a tree. The next day, The Wilsons arrive at the Santa Cruz boardwalk where they encounter Pluto. Pluto sets their getaway car on fire and they family begins to panic. Jason notices something here, and it’s that Pluto follows Jason’s every movement. Jason then sets up a creative way to kill Pluto. Jason extends his arms and begins to slowly back up. Pluto does the same but he’s backing up into the fiery car. Pluto is then burned to death, while Red appears and kidnaps Jason.

Adelaide runs to the infamous funhouse and tells Gabe and Zora to stay back. She was to rescue Jason alone. She finds an underground tunnel and there she sees a ton of white rabbits, then finally encounters Red. They begin to fight and Adelaide kills Red. She then rescues Jason and they return to their family safely.

A major twist happens next. During the drive home, Adelaide continues to think about her first vacation. We come to find out that when she first encountered Red in that funhouse, Red holds her hostage inside the tunnel and takes her place in the real world! Red became Adelaide! Movie officially ends when we see a overview of the Tethered across the world, holding hands together in a cult like vigil.

I’m gonna give this movie an 8/10 as the scary moments in this film was great, but the story of the Tethered I wasn’t that interested in. I also wish we got more scenes of the Tethered being killed but by the way this movie ended, we could possibly see a part two? Only time will tell.

Movie Review: Bird Box

Talk about a movie that’s very unique. Today’s movie review will be on the Netflix movie, Bird Box!

This movie came out of the blue for me, just like a lot of people it seems. Literally, I found out about this movie on social media randomly. Tons of people were talking about it and really wasn’t giving much information on what this movie was about. Then of course the memes came out, which were funny I must say haha. After a day or two of seeing all these social media posts about Bird Box I finally decided to give the movie a chance and wanted to see what the hype was all about.

This movie stars Sandra Bullock, Sara Paulson, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, Machine Gun Kelly, and many others. Any movie that features Sandra Bullock will almost guarantee some star studded acting and this movie did just that.

Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, the protagonist of the movie. Malorie and her sister Jessica hears about mass suicides that’s going on throughout Europe and they were concerned about that ever happening where they lived. Malorie is also pregnant and one day while leaving the doctor’s office, Malorie notices a woman bashing her skull against a glass panel! As she looks in terror, the woman glances at Malorie, giving the audience a sign of what’s about to happen very shortly.

Malorie grabs Jessica and guns it to their vehicle. Instantly a huge scene occurs! People started crashing their vehicles, tons of cops arrive, citizens running for their lives, people driving like maniacs, just a huge outbreak took over. As Jessica is driving, her phone rings and as Malorie reaches for her phone, Jessica’s pupils began to grow bigger and that somehow causes her to start driving like a maniac as well. Malorie screams and begs Jessica to stop. Jessica is totally out of her mind at this point and then proceeds to crash her car, causing the car to flip over. Both sisters survive the crash and we then see tons of people continue to run for their lives. Malorie then sees her sister walk into traffic and stand in the middle of the of it. As Jessica stares at Malorie, she gets decapitated by an oncoming truck! Malorie’s struggling to run with the crowd, while also trying to figure out what the hell is going on, just like me and probably everyone else who was watching this movie.

Malorie finally finds a house that was full of civilians and one of them steps out of the house to help her. This woman who tries to help her glances into the air and notices a burning car. Her husband, who was in the house, is yelling at her to get back inside. This woman then proceeds to step into the burning car and burns to death. Malorie was finally able to get into the house with some assistance from Tom (played by Trevante).

Many people were inside this house and they were all survivors of this virus that’s been brought upon there town. No one knows what this virus is. No one knows how this virus occurred. All we know is that no one can look outside or else they’ll end up dead from suicide.

Fast forward later into the movie, Malorie, Tom, and a couple other survivors stop into a grocery store to find food. At this store, Malorie discovers birds in a cage. She takes them along as some kind of pets, but we later find out the significance of these birds. Later on, Malorie and another survivor Olympia give birth to their children. Olympia asked Malorie to take care of her newborn baby if anything were to happen to her in which Malorie reluctantly agreed to.

Fast forward into the movie a little more, Malorie and Tom are living together with the two children in a house they found. As they attempt to leave, a group of crazed survivors find them and attempt to kill them. Malorie blindfolds herself and the children, while Tom sacrifices himself and takes his blindfold off to kill the enemies. After the ordeal, Tom ended up killing himself since he after all exposed himself to the virus.

Now it’s just Malorie, the kids, and the box of birds. What I absolutely find hilarious about this movie is that Malorie didn’t even name the kids after they were born. I kid y’all not, throughout the movie the children’s names were simply “Boy” and “Girl”. That’s it. Boy and Girl. Every single time Malorie called them by those names, I laugh historically hahaha. She’s their guidance through the rest of the adventure they were on.

Now the birds. These birds were helpful to Malorie and the kids because they can sense danger. Anytime the birds sense danger, they panic and chirp like crazy. This gives Malorie the chance to prepare for anything that happens.

I’ll fast forward again but this time to the end. Malorie and the kids finally found another home full of survivors, as they would think they have. Turns out they found a school that consists of blind students. This was the one place where Malorie and the kids can finally take their blindfolds off and not worry about anything. They all felt safe and definitely were safe at this school. Malorie then finally gives these kids’ names: Olympia for the girl and Tom for the boy. Lastly, she releases the birds out of the box and happily ever after!

I’ll give this movie an 8.5/10. When it comes to drama and action, this movie delivered. I really liked those aspects of the movie. My issue with the movie was that we didn’t get any true explanation to what was the virus and what caused it. Also the fact the children didn’t have names til the very end of the movie but that’s a small problem hahaha. If y’all haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out on Netflix. It’s a good movie for sure.

Movie Review: Halloween (2018)

Now this is a review that I couldn’t wait to do! Once I found out about this movie months ago, the one thing I couldn’t wait to do was to review it for you guys. Today’s review will be on the newly released Halloween!

This movie was one of the most anticipated movies to ever be released. Everyone was on board with this once they saw the trailer. The return of Michael Myers! I must say this was a legit return for one of the most iconic horror movie killers of all time. I’m sure you guys remember the last two Halloween movies that came out in 2007 and 2010, directed by musician Rob Zombie. Now I love Rob Zombie, but I must say those two Halloween movies were BAD! There was so much gore, so much blood and guts. I couldn’t imagine those two movies being the final lasting images of Michael Myers. When I found out that there was a new Halloween coming out and that the director of the original Halloween John Carpenter was involved, I was hooked!

Jamie Lee Curtis starring in this movie made me so happy. She was the main star in the first Halloween back in 1978 and for her to be involved 40 years later in the reboot is incredible and she looked great! Judy Greer starred as Laurie Strode’s daughter and mother of Allyson, Laurie’s granddaughter, played by Andi Matichak. Michael Myers was played by both Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney and they both portrayed Michael pretty well.

The storyline of this movie is that this is the sequel to the original Halloween from 1978, Michael Myers returns 40 YEARS LATER to relaunch his kill streak. So literally every Halloween sequels from 1981 to 2010 were ignored and in my honest opinion I wasn’t a fan of that idea when I first heard it. My personal favorite movie from the series is Halloween 4. The fact that Halloween 4 is ignored baffled me! The last two Halloween movies deserves to be ignored, but NOT Halloween 4! Especially Halloween 2 shouldn’t have been ignored because in that sequel we got a bit of insight on the family history between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. In that movie we found out the two of them were siblings, in the current movie them two being siblings was thrown out the window. I just wasn’t a fan of that at all.

Michael’s body count in this movie was actually low, but almost each of his kills were indeed brutal. There actually was a reference to Halloween 2 in this movie as well. Remember in Halloween 2 where Michael went into a woman’s house and stole her knife? Well in this movie he did the same thing, but before leaving he made sure to brutalize this poor woman with a hammer, then grabbed her knife and left. Immediately after doing that, he went into her neighbor’s house and fatally stabbed the neighbor! Like it was nothing! Another brutal killing was Michael killing his own doctor. Dr.Sartain, played by Haluk Bilginer, was the Dr.Loomis of this movie (RIP Donald Pleasence). Michael sure as hell didn’t miss a beat and you can tell by watching this movie that he misses doing what he does, which is terrorizing the people on Halloween.

Michael’s main target in this movie was Allyson. Allyson is Laurie Strode’s granddaughter. Allyson is pretty much aware of the history of Michael and she wasn’t even that intimidated of him at first. As the movie went on, Allyson and Michael come face to face a couple of times. Each time Allyson runs away in complete terror, as she is in the presence of the iconic boogeyman. As this whole ordeal is going on, Laurie Strode’s entire mission was to kill Michael. She openly admitted that she was hoping for Michael to escape just so she can kill him. Earlier in the movie there was a scene where she was practicing her shooting with shotguns in the woods for preparation to finally kill Michael. At the end of the movie, Laurie and Allyson were in deep trouble, while Allyson’s mother Karen was panicking. Laurie went to go fight off Michael, but for the time being Michael kicked the shit out of her. Allyson and Karen were the only two left that Michael were targeting. They scream in absolute terror as Michael makes his way towards them while Karen is holding a shotgun that Laurie had given her. She just didn’t have the guts to shoot Michael and as he gets close to them, Laurie comes from behind and shoots Michael, causing him to go down and out. As they exited the house they were in during this whole ordeal, Laurie decides to take it upon herself to burn the house down and take out Michael Myers once and for all, or does so she think?

The last thing I wanna mention was the theme music. Hearing that ICONIC them music warmed my heart. That music will NEVER get old. That music will forever solidified the legacy of the Halloween movies!

This movie easily gets an 10/10 overall rating! If you haven’t seen this movie in theaters yet, you must do so now! Anything you look for in a slasher film, from blood to jump scares, this movie had it all! Long Live Halloween!

Movie Review: The Warriors

Classic. That’s one word I would use to describe this legendary movie. My first movie review is will be about my all time favorite movie, The Warriors!

This all time classic hit theaters on February 9th, 1979. Estimated with a budget of $4 million and made about $22 million in box office, this movie was something all action fans at the time loved and can’t say I blame them for it! This movie featured almost everything that I love about action movies: brawls, decent storytelling, women, and most importantly badass characters. Almost each characters in the movie played their parts really well and it made audiences feel like they’re part of the movie themselves. This movie took place at Coney Island in New York City, which has become an infamous movie location ever since the popularity of this movie sky rocketed to the top. One of the main things about this movie that I love was the variety of gangs and their uniqueness. You had gangs such as of course The Warriors, Riffs, Jone Street Boys, The Orphans, Turnbull AC’s, even an all girl group called The Lizzies. Each gang had their own styles and I thought that was pretty cool. The Warriors themselves had some awesome characters and their were some members that I liked more than the others. 

My favorite members of the group are Swan, Snow, and Ajax. Swan, the Warlord of The Warriors, was what the gang needed as the leader. After the death of their previous leader Cleon, Swan took over and in my opinion he was the better leader than Cleon. Ajax was a straight up brawler and that’s what I loved about the guy. He was tough and he would fight anyone and everyone! Wasn’t afraid to take an ass whooping and he would even punk out anybody that didn’t want to fight at all. Snow stood out to me the most because he was always there for his crew. He was a quiet guy who also wasn’t afraid to fight anyone and stand with his gang. I just wish he was featured more in the movie because he was great. 

This movie also had an sadistic villain by the name of Luther. Luther was the leader of the rival gang, The Rogues. Luther murdered Cyrus, who was the leader of the Riffs. Once he done that, he blamed The Warriors for the murder and they became a target to all the gangs across NYC. The Warriors fought a long battle to make it make to their home turf, and it was all because Luther blamed them for Cyrus’ death. Luther was so sadistic. He would literally murder anyone then proceed to laugh like a clown. That’s what I love about movie villains, they would do anything they want and not regret anything about it. I wish we got to see Luther and the Rogues more because they could’ve been a real threat to the Warriors if they really tried. 

Now even though this movie is my all time favorite movie, I do have some criticisms about it. For one, we didn’t properly get an introduction to the characters in the movie. The movie started with Cyrus’ big gang meeting, but no presentation of the gangs, including the Warriors. Another criticism is that I feel like we didn’t get enough big brawls. I was definitely satisfied with the brawls I saw, but wished we gotta a little more, especially the Warriors fighting the Rogues that would’ve been great. Lastly, I felt that the ending of the movie didn’t live up to expectations. The movie ended with the Warriors coming face to face with the Rogues, the two Warlords Swan and Luther in each other’s faces, and then suddenly the Riffs appear to avenge Cyrus’ death. That would’ve been the PERFECT moment for the two gangs to finally have that big brawl against each other, especially having Swan and Luther beat the hell out of each other. 

Besides those criticisms, this movie gets an 9/10 to me. This was an all time classic and I can watch this movie over and over again and not get tired of it. I’ll enjoy watching this movie for the rest of my life! The Warriors will live on forever.