When Music’s On, The World’s Off

Whenever I exercise, take long road trips, workout, and etc I would always have my earphones with me. That’s how much music means to me. It’s an escape to imagination. I wouldn’t say it’s a distraction, it’s more of an escape. Once the earplugs are in, all of the BS in this world is on mute. I don’t hear anything else but music. I don’t see anything else but my own imagination. Once the music is on, the world is turned off.

Music can turn you to a direction where you would want to be free. You would want to just let loose and have fun. If you have earphones or headphones or whatever, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t you guys feel the same as I do? Once you put music gadgets on and switch on a song, you’re in an trance. The world we’re in now is so controversial. Music is a great escape at least for a short time. Put on your headphones, turn on any song you please, and watch how quickly you’ll travel into imagination. An imagination that is full of freedom and less BS. It’s quite soothing. It’s quite a relaxation. It’s simply amazing.

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Rage Against The Machine: Evil Empire

Time for a new album review! This time we’re focusing on one of the most underrated bands of all time, Rage Against The Machine! Their political messages mixed with their hard rock sound made them a band to be reckon with and they did just that with all of their songs, including this specific album right here. Today’s album review will be on Rage Against The Machine’s Evil Empire!

This second studio album was released on April 16, 1996. Want to know what’s crazy? Their first studio album was released in 1992, and their second album was released 4 years later! That’s kind of lengthy for an album release but hey they weren’t in no rush to create it. Another thing about their first album was that it had more of a funky sound to it while this album was more in your face rock. They really played no games when it came to this album as almost each song was really heavy and had some powerful messages in them.

This album featured a total of 11 tracks including one of their biggest hits Bulls on Parade, Snakecharmer, Year of Tha Boomerang, Down Rodeo, Vietnow, Without a Face, etc. Bulls on Parade is a iconic song, but my two favorite tracks were Snakecharmer and Down Rodeo. Those two tracks were the heaviest to me and really spoke about greed and other political problems in the US, especially back then and honestly those songs can relate to the BS that’s going on in the US today. Honestly, pretty much all of RATM’s music is timeless. They speak to you, better than anyone else can with more than words. They also can jam their asses off while doing so and those two combined makes them very underrated.

I’m gonna rate this album 8/10 because most of the tracks on here were fine but I expected a little bit more from them. Even with this rating, I find this album more enjoyable than their other albums and I actually like their first album. Rage Against The Machine will be one of my favorite underrated bands of all time and this album is one of the reasons why they will go down in history as one of the most recognizable bands ever! Rage On!

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George Michael: Faith

It’s the legendary George Michael. What more can I say? Today’s album review will be on George Michael’s Faith!

Released on October 30th, 1987, this album skyrocketed George Michael to great heights. This was his debut solo album and man, he killed it for his debut! This album had many different genres including Pop, Soul, R&B, Rock, and even Funk. That was one of the main pros of the album, the variety of sounds! There are a total of 11 tracks but better yet, at least 7 of those tracks became some of his biggest hits! Hits including the self titled Faith, One More Try, Kissing a Fool, Monkey, Hard Day, etc.

I haven’t listened to this album in full before so when a friend of mines requested this, I knew I was in for a treat. I overall haven’t listened to George Michael in years so when I heard his vocals, I was in awe as I totally forgot how good of a singer he was. To think that this album was his debut project, he created such a masterpiece and this album is definitely timeless.

As you can tell by the praise, I’m giving this album a 10/10 rating. Great music from a great artist whose missed to this day. Even though I wasn’t a huge George Michael fan, he was ahead of his time! This album is a must listen and will go down as one of the best I’ve ever listened to. Long Live George Michael!

Blink-182: Enema of the State

I recently scrolled through some albums that I haven’t listened to in a long time, and I’ve just happened to stumble across this particular gem! Since this year marked the 20th anniversary of its release, I figured why not review it? Today’s album review will be on Blink-182’s Enema of the State!

Released on June 1st, 1999, this album was the signature sound for punk music during the late 90s. This third studio album of theirs skyrocketed them to major success with big hits such as All the Small Things, What’s My Age Again?, and Adam’s Song. Those top three songs became breakout hits for the band and fans had their eyeballs glued to this album to hear more from them. There were more good tracks including Dumpweed, The Party Song, Going Away to College, Aliens Exist, Mutt, Wendy Clear, Anthem, etc. Overall this album featured 12 tracks.

Now I’m not a huge Blink-182 fan, but this album was pretty good for its time. As a matter of fact, this album is timeless. As I listened to it recently, the sound of its tracks was very interesting, as if this album was released not too long ago. 20 long years and this album can be played at any time. Fans reckoned that this album is one of the all time greats in punk and they’re not wrong for saying so.

Overall, I’d give this album a 8/10 rating. My only cons were the fact that almost each song were short. Felt like I’ve finished the album in under 30 minutes. Blink-182 will always be one of the most influential punk bands in history, and this album proved why they’re in that category.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication

Two days ago on June 8th, this album reached its 20th anniversary! 20 years ago, one of the most underrated albums ever was released by one the best bands ever. Today’s album review will be on Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication!

Released on June 8th, 1999, this was the band’s 7th studio album. It features 15 tracks including the self titled single Californication, Otherside, Around the World, Scar Tissue, Get on Top, Easily, etc. Each track is unique in their own way and that to me makes it a good album. Most songs are pretty chill while others are upbeat. I actually listened to this album once again on the anniversary day so that’s when I realized how most songs have their own unique sounds.

Two favorite tracks that I love in general on this album are Californication and Otherside. Both of these songs are so peaceful and have some meanings to them. Californication mainly talks about the dark side of Hollywood, while also featuring hidden messages like pornography and plastic surgery. Otherside was dedicated to founding band member Hillel Slovak who passed away in 1988. After finding that out, now I understood why that song was so peaceful. What a great, memorable song.

Overall, I’d give this album a 9/10. Very unique tracks and even an unique album cover! Red Hot Chili Peppers always bring things to the table when it comes to their music, this album was no different. 20 years of Californication was celebrated a couple days ago and will continued to be celebrated forever. If you haven’t heard this album before, give it a listen. You’ll be amazed at how good this sounds!

Writing and Music

My two favorite hobbies: Writing and Music.


You all know that I love to write. Writing takes up so much needed time. Writing can be very peaceful. Writing can clear your mind. Writing can be your own type of meditation. It’s for sure my meditation. I have so much things to say, and it shows once I have a writing utensil and a piece of paper in front of me. Same can be said with blogging as well. So much thoughts expressed through so much words. It’s really a great stress reliever too at times. Whenever I don’t blog, I write in a notebook. To be honest it’s been a while since I’ve written in my notebook and maybe I need to get back into that. I just love writing. Maybe I’ll write a book someday? I just gotta come up with a great story idea. Once that happens, I’m good to go.


Who doesn’t love music? C’mon now. Don’t matter the genre, music can bring happiness to anyone. I listen to almost every genre. The genres that I don’t listen to but can tolerate are the likes of rap and country. My favorite genres are rock, dance, dubstep, and electronic. I even listen to classic music because of how far ahead of its time those old school musicians were. Just like writing, music can be a great stress reliever. In any kind of sour mood I’m in, music could almost fix my mood. I’m happy to say that actually. I can’t listen to music and continue to be upset about absolutely anything. It’s an instant uplift. That could be said for anyone. I would even attempt to sing sometimes even though I can’t sing for shit. Humming now that’s good enough for me. Listening to music while writing is probably my favorite combination too. It sometimes help with my writing but it mainly continues my writing. Sometimes when I do deal with a huge case of writer’s block, I would just crank up some tunes and BOOM, I’m back on track! Music is such a big part of my life as it really does help me get through some tough days and even through laziness. Music will continue to be part of my life as long as I live.

What’s Missing in Modern Era of Music

There’s something about the music industry that’s been on my mind for a long time. I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was though. It didn’t have anything to do with the music itself as that’s the enjoyable part of the industry. We can all listen to music and feel great about it on the inside. All together though, there’s something about the industry that’s lacking one thing. One thing in particular. That one thing missing in the modern era of music is passion. Simply passion.

It’s not hard to see how. If you really can’t tell, you can just do a simple test to understand what I’m talking about. Here’s what you can do: pick two songs to listen to. One that’s recent and a classic song. Take a good listen to both songs and you can tell that any of those classic songs you listen to has some much passion behind it, while any song today is catchy, but lacks passion. Now I’m not saying every musician today lacks passion in their music, but it’s hard to come across those type of musicians in the modern world.

Without passion in their work, many musicians wouldn’t be taken seriously. You listen to a song on Spotify or Pandora or the radio and you just think, “They can’t be serious with this?” Even on YouTube, you see so many people make songs that might sound catchy, but they’re just that, catchy. No passion behind their songs. No seriousness whatsoever. I’m just listening to them and thinking what was the point of this? What sucks about this problem though is that their are indeed up and coming musicians out their who do wanna make a change to the music industry by showing their own passion for music to the world and yet they don’t get a chance for some reason. What is the reason? Is it because they don’t have the look? They don’t have the right sound? What?

Mainstream music lacks passion to me and I don’t want to sound like a hater. I’m not hating on them at all, I’m just saying I don’t see the passion behind their work. I’m not even saying this for everyone in the industry. I’m mostly saying this to the ones who don’t make good music. Those who make songs with catchy beats and that’s about it. Those who have lyrics that don’t make sense at all. Where’s the passion in their music? Do they take themselves seriously? If that’s the case, oh boy. The musicians who puts all of their passion into their music are the ones who should be in the limelight right now. They should be on the billboards. They should be the main ones winning Grammy awards. Music today should not be a big popularity contest. It should be a showcase for everyone who has a voice and wants to use it for good.

The modern era of the music industry needs more passionate artists. More artists who want to take things to the next level and create a brighter future for the next generation of musicians. More passion will equal better success. I wish for everyone to remember that forever.