Game Review: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom

In honor of Spongebob Squarepants being on television for 20 years, I’ve decided to review quite possibly one of the greatest video games of all time! If you enjoy video games that includes both action and excitement, this game definitely had it all. This is literally one of those games where I could play it over and over and over again and could NEVER get tired of it. Today’s game review will be on the hit classic Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom!

Released on Halloween Day in 2003, this action adventure game was every child’s precious memory. This game was developed by Heavy Iron Studios and published by THQ. Released for Playstation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance.

The story of this game was Plankton once again tried to take over Bikini Bottom but wanted to come up with a different tactic. He decided to create robots, robots who only follow his commands. While creating them, he somehow messed up the technology and this not only caused the robots to be made in different forms, but they’re evil robots now and they don’t follow Plankton’s commands at all. On that same day, Spongebob and Patrick are playing with toys as both guys coincidentally wish they had robots to play with. The next morning, Spongebob wakes up to find his house totally trashed. He watches TV to find out that Bikini Bottom has been taken over by robots! At this point, Spongebob’s main mission was to stop these robots once and for all. Along with Patrick and Sandy Cheeks, Spongebob travels to Jellyfish Fields, Goon La Goon, Sand Mountain, Downtown Bikini Bottom, and even special places such as Rock Bottom, The Mermalair, Krusty Krab, and The Flying Dutchman’s Ship! Along the way, Spongebob encounters some of the evil bosses as he must fight them in order to continue his quest to stop the robots. He must fight against big bosses such as King Jellyfish, Robot Spongebob, Robot Patrick and the Flying Dutchman himself! This all leads to the biggest battle of all; Robot Spongebob! Once you’ve defeated Robot Spongebob, every robot in town is gone and Plankton is defeated once and for all!

The gameplay is great as each character you use throughout the game has their own special moves and combat skills. Spongebob himself uses his jellyfish net for combat as for his special abilities involves anything that includes bubbles. Bubble Bowl, Bubble Dash, Bubble Rocket, etc. Patrick uses his big belly for combat and his special abilities involves him using his strength to pick up objects and tossing them at enemies. Sandy uses her karate skills for combat and her special abilities involve her using her signature bull rope to capture and destroy her enemies. Not to mention, Sandy can use her rope to fly! How cool!

Another cool feature is the side missions you’ll encounter from time to time. These side missions include collecting shining objects for Mr.Krabs and collecting socks for Patrick! There’s also a level where you can fall asleep and travel to a character’s dream! Those dream levels were definitely difficult but it was worth the challenge. This game was everything a child could ask for and still holds up to this day!

Without a doubt, this game gets a 10/10 rating! You want nostalgia? This game had it. You want comedy? This game had it. You want a good quality action adventure game? This game DEFINITELY had it! Spongebob Squarepants has been on the air for 20 years and this game helped made the franchise into what it is today! I’ll continue to play this game forever and if you’re a retro gamer, you’ll definitely feel the same once you’ve played this game from start to finish!


Game Review: True Crime: New York City

It’s been a while since I’ve done a video game review! This particular video game fits the criteria of action packed gaming. If you enjoy video games that includes strong language, violence, fast cars and even sex, then this is the game for you. Today’s game review will be on True Crime: New York City!

Released on November 16, 2005, this action adventure game introduces audiences to the unique style of NYC. This game was developed by Luxoflux and was published by Activision for Playstation 2, Original Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Windows PC, and Mobile. At the time, for a video game to be released on mobile devices was a big deal. This game was the second and last installment of the True Crime Series following True Crime: Streets of LA.

The story of this game is based on the main character named Marcus Reed. Marcus was a former NYC gang member turned police officer who wanted to prove that he belongs on the force. He was guided by his mentor, a man named Terry Higgins. On his first night after receiving a promotion to detective, he witnessed the death of Terry in a freak accident. Ever since that night, Marcus was on a mission to find out who killed his mentor. Terry was mainly his mentor after Marcus had a fallout with his father Isaiah Reed. Throughout the game, Marcus encounters some of the most well known drug lords in NYC and stops them on their path to take over the whole city. Marcus became a household name in NYC as he brought justice to a lot of crimes, but he was mainly trying to bring justice to the death of his mentor. Now throughout the story, Marcus must watch how he handles crime investigations as he’s being tested on what type of cop he is. If he does all the right things, he’s a good cop. If he does a lot of bad things, he’s a bad cop. Simple as that. Why does this matter? His good cop/bad cop percentage actually ties to the end of the game. If you reach the end of the game as a good cop, Marcus finds out that Terry had faked his death and framed Chief Victor Navarro for it. If you reach the end of the game as a bad cop, Marcus would kill Navarro out of spite for not liking him, knowing that he was innocent. Talk about two huge climaxes!

The gameplay is very different to say the least. The combat system is cool as you beat the crap out of enemies through lethal combos of fists and kicks. You also get to compete in local underground fighting tournaments in order to learn different styles of combat! You also get to compete in street races to unlock certain undercover cop vehicles. In between main missions, you get to complete local street crimes that occurs in random parts on town. Those street crimes also could help with your good cop/bad cop percentages. When you beat down an enemy, you can actually arrest them if you haven’t killed them! Marcus takes his job very seriously and would do anything to be the best detective in NYC.

This game did have its cons as for one you couldn’t run very fast with your character. When’s chasing enemies on foot, it sometime takes forever to catch them because of how slow you’re running. Also the weapon choices were very limited as you have your own pistol, but very rare do you get to have more weapons in your arsenal.

Even though this game was really enjoyable to me when I was younger, I’m gonna rate it 7/10. It was a good game and very unique, but for an action adventure game I kind of expected more. I do recommend this game to those who play retro games and haven’t tried this one yet. I wish there was more to the True Crime Series, but this game ended the series on a high note!