Africa, the world’s second largest and second most populous continent! Boy it would be a nice trip to visit Africa. So many islands to see, so many animals to see, just so many amazing views to witness in person. I’ve always had an interest in Africa after finding out the continent’s features a large diversity of ethnicities, culture, and language. The population as well is an impressive establishment to know about Africa. I believe there would be so much great people to spend time with in Africa and they would welcome you with open arms any time you visit there.

Being a big shopper, the first town I would visit is Marrakesh. Marrakesh features so many shopping places that showcases so much of their history’s culture. So many antiques to see that a buyer can’t pass up on, I know it would be hard for me to pass on. Along with some local music performances, this town is pretty much the entertainment aspect of Africa. Their gardens are also worth checking out. You can witness nice gardens such as the Majorelle Garden, the Menara Gardens, the El Badi Palace, and much more. Overall, Marrakesh would be a great town to check out.

Another place I would like to check out is Cairo. Cairo features almost everything you’d like to know about the Egyptian culture. From the looks of it, Cairo has some amazing looking pyramids to check out and their fortress looks astonishing. One building I definitely want to check out in person is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. That place just looks incredible! The building was created in memory of Muhammad Ali’s oldest son, Tusun Pasha, who died in 1816. This building is the one of the main tourist attractions in Cairo and can be seen directly when approaching Cairo from any direction. The Giza Pyramid Complex is something in awe to see in person. This place features the three Great Pyramids: Khufu/Cheops, Khafre/Chephren, and Menkaure. These pyramids are actually listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World during the Hellenistic times! Pretty cool! If you’re looking for some interesting Egyptian history, Cairo is the place to check out.

Last but certainly not least, Cape Town! The capital of South Africa, Cape Town is a great places for amazing mountain views. This town just looks so beautiful, from its mountain views to ocean views. Hikers would love it here. I’m not much of an hiker myself but whenever I do show up to Cape Town, I wouldn’t resist climbing on some of their mountains. Table Mountain National Park looks like it has an mountaintop that can’t be missed. Standing on top of that mountain would feel like you’re on top of the world. The Cape of Good Hope looks amazing too especially with its view of the ocean. Located on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa, this place is the southern tip of Africa. Lastly, Cape Point is a great place to view the ocean as well. Along with an 1800s lighthouse, Cape Point features peaks that are in awe to see in person. Once you walk along those peaks and witness the views of the ocean, you’ll feel like you wouldn’t want to leave.

Africa is just an astonishing continent that I would love to visit in the future. So much cultures, so much history, and a big population. I recommend any traveler to check out Africa and to witness its glory in persons. That’s a trip I sure wouldn’t miss!




Next stop, Scotland! Scotland has always been an unique country that I want to visit. It’s unique to me because of their overall atmosphere of their wildernesses. Whenever I see pictures of wilderness in some of their cities, I just feel in awe. Not just their wildernesses but some of their ancient buildings look very cool to see. That’s why I chose the featured photo that’s presented for this blog. That photo perfectly expresses what I would love to see in person in the beautiful country of Scotland.

First place I would visit is the famous city of Glasgow. Now normally I would visit the biggest cities last, but for Scotland I would want to get the big cities out the way first then visit the nature aspect of the country last. Glasgow has some very artistic features within the city. The Riverside Museum would be a cool place to check out to see some modern art featuring historic vehicles and modern technology displays. This place sounds like it would feature art from current talented artists and that would be awesome to see. The Glasgow Necropolis is an interesting place to visit as well, especially because it’s a very famous cemetery. A minimum of 50,000 people have been buried here! On top of that, the tombstones look incredible! I’ve never seen so much top notch tombstones in my life and I really wanna check them out. I definitely want to visit the People’s Palace. A huge museum that displays a beautiful garden and collections of photos and prints of Glasgow over the years are something to look forward to seeing in person.

Edinburgh would be the next place I’d visit. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and judging by the Edinburgh Castle, I can see why this city’s the capital. Edinburgh Castle is a very historic castle that’s positioned on the Castle Rock. It’s the home of  Scotland’s famous crown jewels and even holds the Stone of Destiny. It looks like a beautiful place to visit and holds so much royalty to it. The Calton Hill looks awesome to see because it literally looks like you can see the city’s entire view just by standing on this hill. It also features a nice art gallery too so that’s something cool to see as well. One place in Edinburgh that I would love to visit is Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the peak of the groups of hills in Edinburgh. This hill features a huge mountain that I feel once I stand on it, I would feel like I’m at the top of the world. Seriously if anyone has been to Arthur’s Seat, I would like to know how’s the view from the top of that mountain.

Last place I would visit in the city of Inverness. This city brings me back to the point I made earlier about Scotland’s unique wildernesses. Inverness looks amazing and it’s the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. The two main places I would visit is the Inverness Castle and the Urquhart Castle. The Urquhart Castle has so much history behind each of its unique areas. The castle’s two biggest areas is the Nether Bailey and the Upper Bailey. Nether Bailey is the main focus of this castle and is the tallest portion of the castle, despite the southern wall collapsing in a storm in the early 18th century. Upper Bailey is the highest part of this castle and became the motte of the original castle built by the Durwards in the 13th century. The Inverness Castle is the top castle of the city. Oddly enough the castle itself isn’t open to the public, but it’s a good place to visit the surroundings of it. That’s where I would take the opportunity to visit the overall nature surrounding this castle. The land looks amazing and with a river nearby, would be a nice place to check out the view of the nature. This castle has some medieval history behind it as well. The castle is said to have been built by Máel Coluim III of Scotland, after he had razed to the ground the castle in which Macbeth of Scotland according to much later tradition, murdered Máel Coluim’s father Donnchad I of Scotland, and which stood on a hill around 1 km to the north-east. Then in 1428, James I summoned fifty clan chiefs to a parley at Inverness Castle. Talk about medieval.

Scotland is all about it’s nature and that’s a plus in my book. This country would be a recommended place to visit if you’re someone who’s into everything or anything wilderness. I can’t wait to visit Scotland in the future! Looking like a great country to explore.


Now how exactly can I talk about traveling and not include Japan? That’s a question anybody should ask themselves whenever they talk about traveling. Japan is a place I would love to go visit in a heartbeat. So many great places to see in person that wouldn’t even be described in words for me. So much of their culture and history are things that I always read about and would like to see in person. One day I sure would love to do a big tour of Japan. Everything from their temples to their gardens, Japan has some of the best cultural environments in the world.

The first town I would visit is Kyoto. Kyoto is a city located on the island of Honshu. Kyoto was also once the capital of Japan before Tokyo took the prestige. The Kinkaku-ji  , now know as  Rokuon-ji, is a temple that’s very popular in Japan. It attracts so much visitors and I would like to see the hype of it for myself. From the photos I’ve seen of the temple, it looks like a beautiful place to go to for a morning trip. The sunset around the temple makes the whole environment look very astonishing. Another building I’d like to check out is the Nijō Castle. The Nijō Castle consists two concentric rings of fortifications, the Ninomaru Palace, the ruins of the Honmaru Palace, various support buildings and several gardens. The castle was built in 1601 and it even still has an old school look to it. This place does have a very nice garden and the overall atmosphere is great.

Osaka, Japan is another city that I would love to visit. Osaka is mostly known for their architecture and especially their nightlife, which I would love to experience the most. First place I would check out is the Osaka Castle.The castle is surrounded by a moat and park with plum, peach and cherry-blossom trees. It’s the most historical building in Osaka and one of Japan’s most famous landmarks! Another place I wanna see is the Umeda Sky Building. That building’s like the Empire State Building of Osaka. This building consists of two 40-story towers that connect at their two uppermost stories, with bridges and an escalator crossing the wide atrium-like space in the center. It’s the NINETEENTH tallest building Osaka! Lastly, I would LOVE to visit Dōtonbori! Since I’m a guy who loves the nightlife scene in big cities, Dōtonbori has everything that I look forward to in those type of environments. Everything from the restaurants to the entertainments, this place is THE place to go to in Osaka if you would want to experience their nightlife.

Last and certainly not least, I would love to visit the capital of Japan, Tokyo! I’ve read so many stories and seen so many pictures of Tokyo that I just can’t wait to go to see for myself. First place I would visit is Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensō-ji. Sensō-ji is actually in the top 10 most visited temples in Japan and that’s pretty impressive. This place has so much history behind it. It was associated with the Tendai sect of Buddhism, then became an independent temple after World War II in 1945. Every year tons of visitors visit this temple and this place always receives high praise from each of those visitors. Another place I would visit is the Tokyo Tower. This tower is equivalent to France’s Eiffel Tower. It looks just as beautiful as the Eiffel Tower and it’s only the second tallest structure in Japan! Of course to experience the nightlife, I would visit Roppongi. Roppongi features so much bars and nightclubs that would make me feel like I’m in heaven. There’s so much places in Tokyo that I would love to see, but I most definitely want to check out the Ueno Park. I’m not much of a tree person, but I would love to see the cherry blossom trees and many more. There’s a total of 8,800 trees! This park include such historical trees including Ginkgo Biloba, Cinnamomum Camphora, Zelkovaserrata, Formosan Cherry, and tons more. This park is visited my millions of tourist each year and I can definitely see why.

The Land of the Rising Sun. Japan has many names, but the name I would give that country is Iconic. So much history and cultures to explore in Japan and it only gets bigger from there. I can’t wait to see all of Japan myself and hope to leave some very good memories there too!





Spain is my first destination for my future traveling adventure, as the great country of England will be my second destination! England is another country that I would love to visit in the near future. In my life so far I’ve actually met a select few of British people and each of them have been very nice and kind. I’ve heard a little bit of how things are in England and I must say the people in England seems like they’re laid back people and that’s awesome. They’re are a lot of places I would love to visit in England, along with some of the most famous cities in the country. 

The first place that I’d like to visit is the city of Oxford. One thing about Oxford that stood out to me was the amount of historical places they have there such as the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, Pitt Rivers Museum, Sheldonian Theater, etc. I’m a fan of art and literature, do seeing these buildings is something that I’d love to see in person. Another building that I want to see is Tom Tower. That looks like a good place for tourists to check out the historical background. That place from the looks of it definitely has a beautiful garden and I could just look at that garden all day.

Another city I would love to visit is of course the great Manchester. Now I’m not a huge soccer fan, but soccer is a big sport over in England, especially with their team Manchester United. It’s because of that big impact soccer has in Manchester that I would definitely visit the National Football Museum. Soccer is known as real Football in the UK and I can definitely see why. Their team is very passionate about what they do and they big tons of fans together in order to celebrate a big win together and that’s what I love to see. The Lowry looks like a good place to visit if you’re a fan of art. I like seeing all kinds of art, so the Lowry would be another checklist for me. Theaters are a big part of the UK and that’s why I would also like to visit the Dancehouse. The theater does look small, but I would like to see the talent that’s being presented in the theater. Anything from plays to comedy shows to music performances, I’m sure the talent there would be great. Now I’ve never scene a cricket game before and that’s why I would visit the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. That place is infamous with some of the most historical cricket games in their history and it would be awesome to check it in person.

Lastly, I can’t leave out the capital of England, the city of London. How can one person go to England and NOT check out the most historical city in the world. London has a lot of historical events even dated back to the Roman times. The London Eye will be the first place I’d go to simply because of their iconic ferris wheel. That ride looks gigantic! Honestly that ferris wheel alone can make your whole day great. Speaking of iconic, walking along the Tower Bridge is a MUST. Crossing the River Thames close to the Towee of London, this bridge became an iconic symbol of London. Walking cross that bridge would be on my bucket list for sure. Trafalgar Square would be a great place to enjoy a simple day in the park with friends and family. From what I’ve read, that plaza features street performers, good choices of restaurants, lots of nice people, just a great place to be in. There’s plenty of things I’d like to do in London, but I most definitely have to visit Big Ben. Big Ben has a lot of history and the most historical thing about it is the infamous clock. Just looking at that clock is something in awe to see in person. I would even like to touch the clock (don’t ask why). Man that place has so much history that I just can’t look at in as a regular area. I would feel totally star struck, just from standing next to the big clock. 

I could go on and on about things to do in England and that could take up an entire day. I will definitely be knocking on its doors in the future when given the chance, and once I take that chance I would do my absolute best to travel up and down the country. From its cultural aspects to its historical aspects, England is one of the most famous countries in the world and I plan to be there in the near future, with the intentions to have the time of my life and so on!


One thing about me that not a lot of people know is that I LOVE traveling! Anytime I’m on a plane, I always get this adrenaline rush going through my body and I’m always set on traveling to different places around the world. This blog will be dedicated to the very first place I would love to visit in the world, Spain! 

       Anytime I get asked to name a vacation spot or any place I would love to travel to, my answer has always been Spain. There’s just something about that place that always gets me motivated to travel the world. I first got interested in Spain when I was in elementary school (can’t remember what grade) and I read a book about the country. I think the book was about the world overall, but Spain was the first country I saw and I was hooked ever since. Going there has been one of my dream goals and still is to this day. Now I don’t necessarily have an exact town that I would like to visit there and I’m open to checking out any place in Spain. 

         Now there are some locations that I would love to check out such as Park Guell, Costa Del Sol, and most definitely the town of Ibiza. Park Guell is definitely a place to check out if you’re a fan of beautiful gardens and artistic buildings. I remember seeing galleries of the place and man I definitely would love to go there in the future. If you’re a fan of beautiful beaches, then you’ll love to go to Costa Del Sol. I got hooked to that place mainly because of the overall atmosphere of it. The beaches and ocean views alone are a sight to see. Lastly, Ibiza is a MUST for me to check out! I’m a party type of guy myself, so definitely Ibiza is where I would love to be especially because of the party scene there. The place seems like of a great time to be at.

       I could go on and on about Spain and how I would love to visit there. Hell I wouldn’t even mind living there for a short period of time if ever given the chance. If anybody reading this are from the country of Spain, I would greatly appreciate feedback on your country and everything about it. Spain is the first stop of many countries and continents I plan on visiting in the future!